MPP Belinda Karahalios on Doug Ford’s Bill 100: Ontarians can ‘make change at the ballot box’

Tamara Ugolini writes in Rebel News:

Under the allegedly Progressive Conservative government led by Premier Doug Ford, Ontarians have seen a repeated quashing of the democratic process by way of sneaky legislation and Orwellian-worded bills. A mere four years ago, Doug Ford campaigned on a “For The People” platform.

His catchy campaign theme song stipulated that we “gotta fight for what’s right for the people” and that “right now is the time to speak our minds, give us hope, give us change.

Except Doug Ford called people protesting to make their concerns and voices heard “yahoos”, and was silent as numerous atrocities were inflicted on protesters throughout the various stay-at-home orders and lockdown measures imposed by his very government since April 2020.

Bill 100, the Keeping Ontario Open For Business Act, is the cherry on an already crumbling cake, with a shifty overnight voice vote that many MPPs were not informed was taking place.

One of those MPPs was Belinda Karahalios of the New Blue Ontario Party.

Calling it a “hit on the democratic process and free speech,” Karahalios reinforces her opposition to this “ironically worded bill that has nothing to do with keeping Ontario open for business.”

According to Karahalios, the bill further demonstrated that it is the government’s own disregard for constituents’ concerns that contributed to the need for the Freedom Convoy.

She notes that Ontarians will have a chance to use their voice at polls during the upcoming provincial election, slated for June 2, 2022.