Muslim convert tasered at flat in Cornwall after threatening to shoot Jewish group

From Cornwall Live

A Muslim convert threatened to carry out an atrocity against Jewish people before being tasered by armed police at his home in Cornwall.  

Adam Mark Burgoyne, 31, of Trelawney Road in Helston, appeared at Truro Crown Court for sentence having pleaded guilty to sending malicious communications.

Opening the case, Brian Fitzherbert described how in February this year a Muslim man received a Facebook message from Burgoyne saying that he wanted to do something in the name of Allah.

Burgoyne in the message and a subsequent phone call, told the man that it was his intention to kill Jewish people and that he needed a gun, adding that he knew where Jewish people could be found. 

After being refused help and told it was not the way of Islam, Burgoyne said to the man “shame on you, when you want to rise up let me know”. The man, concerned for Burgoyne’s mental state, tried to talk him around but when Burgoyne said he didn’t need him as he had a gun already, police were called.

Armed response officers attended Burgoyne’s flat. He told officers to “f**k off” and was seen producing a knife from the kitchen. Burgoyne, who has a long list of criminal convictions, was shouting something about blowing up but officers were able to taser him through an open window. 

Representing Burgoyne, Deni Matthews said: “He suffers from severe mental health issues and was in considerable distress at the time of this offence … (which was) committed at a time of psychological distress, much of which stems from his childhood.”

After a lengthy period of consideration, Recorder Charles Morrison sentenced Burgoyne to eight months in prison. He was also given a four year criminal behaviour order


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