Muslim golf day to be held at Worsley Park Golf Club

From the Manchester Evening News

Muslim golf days are open to everyone, however, the events are run on Islamic values. 

Budding Muslim golfers from across the country will be playing at the high-end golf course in Worsley as part of a tournament organised by the Muslim community. The sold out event will take place on the 28th May at the Worsley Marriot golf course and will see Muslim golfers from Manchester, Scotland and London take part in this year’s event.

Amir Malik, 37, from Luton is the founder of the Muslim Golf Association (GMA). He fell in love with golf six years ago but found that a lot of the clubs he was going to were not inclusive to Muslim players. 

“I’ve been fortunate to go to a lot of golf clubs and I noticed that as a brown face, you weren’t always welcome.” He said. “Also, I found that I couldn’t get involved in the social scene in terms of sitting and drinking alcohol at a bar and when it came to praying, you almost had to go hide and pray. I was so intrigued to see how many more Muslims were in golf, and that was my inspiration to set up the GMA and we now have over 300 people in our database and play at a very good level.”

Only halal food is served, no alcohol or gambling is involved and prayer arrangements will be made for players. 

The GMA will also be launching a Muslim women’s golfing association where dedicated coaching sessions will be held for women who wear hijabs and niqabs.

“Its going to be a phenomenal day, it’s a Muslim event because its underpinned by our values, but it’s open to anybody and everybody.” Amir said.

Warning: Some of the comments to this news report are very naughty and probably will not be allowed to stay. 

  • Remember lads you can go under par on a Birdie but not under age on a Birdie
  • Might have to explain to most of them that you hit the ball with the club not your wife
  • Islamic values? Do they blow the hole up if they don’t like it? 

And three, two, one . . . the comments went, as I said they would. 


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