Muslim prisoners to be removed from communal prayers for spreading anti-British values

This is from the Independent, a newspaper that is probably even more left-wing than the Guardian. However, unlike the Guardian the moderators do not block any comment that does repeat the party line. The comments to this story are quite forthright. 

Prison governors will be told to remove Muslims from communal prayer in jails if they are deemed to be spreading ‘anti-British’ values.

The proposals will also see Muslim chaplains who offer guidance to a growing number of Islamic prisoners undergoing “tightened vetting” before being allowed near inmates.

The new measures aimed at clamping down on the spread of extremism come as the number of Muslims in British prisons has soared over the last ten years. It was also confirmed that governors will seek to isolate extremists acting as “self-styled emirs” to prevent them radicalising others.

The counter-extremism scheme comes after Anjem Choudary, one of Britain’s most prominent Islamist clerics, was convicted of crimes that could see him face years in jail. New Justice Secretary Liz Truss said the measures were needed in order to stop the “spread of this poisonous ideology behind bars”, but critics questioned whether they were appropriate. Official figures show there are now more than 12,600 Muslims in prison in England and Wales, while the figure was just 8,200 a decade earlier.

The full report is classified but the Ministry of Justice has published a summary of the main findings.

It said the review found evidence that Islamist extremism is a “growing problem” in prisons, with “charismatic” prisoners acting as “self-styled emirs” that exert a “controlling and radicalising influence” on the wider Muslim prison population. It also found evidence of “aggressive encouragement” of conversions to Islam, unsupervised worship and intimidation of prison imams.

The document concluded that “cultural sensitivity” among staff towards Muslim prisoners has “extended beyond the basic requirements of faith observance and could inhibit the effective confrontation of extremist views”.

As well as confirming new specialist units to hold extremists, governors have been instructed to ban extremist literature and remove anyone from Friday prayers who is “promoting beliefs that run counter to fundamental British values”. 

Sample comments

…case for taking it out of the hands of lawyers by defining it as an act of war – where guys like Choudry are treated as the enemy- to be captured not arrested -and detained till the war ends. 

…I feel it’s too little. The prison service is stillgoing to have to bend over backwords to cater for his religious beliefs. He will be given a Koran, halal meal and probably access to an Ima.

For too long the political orthodoxy has been for the death of the nation state and for internationalism at the expense of existing Citizens, it’s going to be good to get a bit of Nationalism injected back into the business of our government.

It’s a bit late for all this, years and years of warning the Lefties what an apocalypse they’re creating for their children have been ignored.The only solution is to deport these hypocritical, parasitic dregs, something the Left would never support!

The tone of the comments may well change during the day as the SWJs emerge from their slumbers.


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