My response to the "author" of "Compendium of the Authoritarian Nationalist Right: Pt. 9, INDEX," on which my name appears

by Michael Rectenwald

Senator Joseph McCarthy

You write: “It doesn’t include mainstream libertarians, moderate Republicans, or philosophical conservatives, although there is a compelling argument to be made that white nationalists have hi-jacked the GOP. All included are public figures and/or publicly recognizable organizations. *** I have not drawn a hard and fast distinction between these classifications.”***

Might that be because you are a not a scholar but rather a sloppy slinger of plug-n-play “social justice” argot and meme-laden tripe? Just for example, you have my name listed beside “Citizens for Legitimate Government” (which is now CLG News). I sold the website over fifteen years ago, and maybe once a year, or once every two years, contribute an article to the site. Otherwise, I have nothing to do with it. The assignation of the site to me is the equivalent of calling a freelance contributor to the Nation its owner–oh, I mean “governor.”

Also, I am a civil libertarian, so according to your exclusions, I do not belong on your list. But then again, your list is nothing but a meaningless collection of bogies haunting a febrile, McCarthyist left, a neocon left, a cocksure but ideologically-deranged left, whose delirious self-righteousness makes you and your hordes of bots far more dangerous than any neo-reactionary grouping of approximately five guys in their basements, a group that hasn’t killed anyone, let alone the 94 million murdered by the epigones of Marx.

Yours is a left that proudly dons its professorial gowns and decorates them with virtue-signaling buttons, like it’s great to kill 9-month-old babies postpartum, even when the “gender they were assigned at birth” was “girl.” What wonderful people. God forbid those pro-lifers, who object to mass-murdering female babies in the name of anti-patriarchy.

All together, I see nothing in your list but a conflation of disparate categories, histrionics, and amazingly, a firm and zealous belief in your own innocence, an unabashed certainty that leftism is the default no-fault ideology, that your moral probity is indubitable, and that you are a superior moral human being to those on your scrwal of shame. Meanwhile, you screech like a dervish hellbent on vengeance, or a Red Guard zealot in the Maoist Cultural Revolution; you sound like someone who would have relished the opportunity to conduct struggle sessions and put the ideologically impure on trial, and worse.

I have news for you. Four times more people were killed in the name of “equality” than in the name of “supremacy.” Leftists in power are the most murderous political contingent in world history. The score is 94 to 25 million, and the left is “winning.” (Oh, I forgot that murder for a noble abstraction is fine, utterly exempt, and not even murder!)

Get off your moral high horse, because it’s nothing but a painted merry-go-round pony. And yes, it’s phony, just like the simulacrum that your news media produces for you daily.

But no, it’s the “alt-right,” and “them Russians them Russians” (Allen Ginsberg, “America,” 1956; he’d have despised your sickeningly censorious “social justice” authoritarian lunacy). And it’s that alt-right–where “alt-right” means anyone right of Stalin (you don’t even get the irony I bet), everyone who’s “incorrect” because they’re wrong, wrong because they are not unhinged, a requirement for being declared sane in leftist land, where Cartesian self-affirmation amounts to “I don’t have to think, therefore I’m correct.”

Enjoy your list-keeping. But if you libel me again, I will sue for all the pacifiers in your safe space.