Naomi Ragen, in Israel, Says What Badly Needs To Be Said: ‘You Can Never Be "Nice" Enough to the Muslims"

A sizzling op-ed that appeared in the English-language Israeli news outlet, “Israel National News” on December 7.

‘Op-Ed: You Can Never Be “Nice” Enough to the Muslims.

‘They want your country, your religion, and your life.

‘For years, Israel has been demonized, held responsible for every terrorist atrocity, from blowing up Holocaust survivors at a Passover Seder, to the mutilation and murder of her Olympic athletes.

‘It was all Israel’s fault, because she had mistreated the poor Palestinians.

Ms Ragen – next time you have occasion to mention the local Muslim Arabs in an article, make it even better by writing “poor ‘Palestinians'”. – CM

‘The French welcomed thousands of Muslims to France. They made them citizens, gave them access to everything that the Western world has to offer.

The French sided openly with the Palestinians (sic: “with the ‘Palestinian’ Arab Muslims” – CM) and had a hands-off policy towards Muslims, making their neighbourhoods no-go zones for the police.

Their reward?  Mass killings in supermarkets, magazine officers, restaurants, a sports arena, and a concert hall, [carried out] by Muslims.

But why?  After all, the French were so “nice”?

‘After the most recent French atrocity ISIS, claiming responsibility, posted the following on its website: “Hundreds of apostates were attending an adulterous party“.

‘That’s right. That’s what France is to them.  Immoral.  According to their standards. And so, they deserve to die.

‘So now, what is France planning to do?  To pass a law recognizing a Palestinian State.

‘Huh!  What?!  To recognize the supporters and accomplices of the people who blew them up?  (Or, to be more precise, butchered more than one hundred French citizens on French soil in the French capital city. – CM)  Because that’s what the Palestinians (sic: “‘Palestinian’ Muslim Arabs” – CM) are: radical Muslim terrorists.

‘Our Prime Minister, Mr Netanyahu, is flabbergasted, furious. But I’m not.

The French want to be “nice”, to spare themselves further terror attacks.

‘They won’t succeed.  Just the opposite.

‘This is a fact.  Israel tried that.

‘We gave them the entire Gaza Strip.  We uprooted thousands of Jews.  Handed over their multi-milliion dollar hot-house businesses.  Gave them our synagogues.  We even dug Jewish corpses out of the graves of Gaza cemeteries, many of them put there by Muslim terrorists, and took them out of Gaza before handing it over.  We also thought we could be “nice”, make them happy, make them not hate us so much.

‘And what happened?

‘They thought we were idiots.

‘Worse, they thought we were weak.

‘If terror (sic: Jihadist atrocities – CM) got us to do that, a lot of terror would get us to give them even more.

‘From the site of Jewish settlements and destroyed synagogues, they set up their rocket launchers sending tens of thousands of rockets into Israel, making life unbearable for every Jew within shooting range.  They dug hundreds of terror tunnels under the borders, planning a mass-murderous invasion, until the IDF had to finally go in there. And it’s still not over, and won’t be until we kick every single one of them out of Gaza, and re-take it.

‘That’s the truth for anyone willing to hear it.

‘Last week, Syed Rizwan Farook and his new Pakistani bride, parents of a six-month-old baby, who were living the American dream, killed (sic: murdered – CM) fourteen people, his co-workers, and injured dozens of others. And he was only just getting started on his “jihad”.

‘Police found thousands of rounds of ammunition, pipe bombs, you-name-it.

‘Oh, he had big plans, little Syed, and his blushing Pakistani jihadi bride.

‘He did this, event hough Americans had saved his immigrant parents from that disgusting s***-hole called Pakistan, and provided him with the means to obtain higher education and a high-paying job. Even though his workmates had never had any arguments with him, and had indeed even thrown him and his new wife a baby shower!

“They were radicalized”, the President of the United States, that ISIS-lover (that’s what the Egyptians are calling him now) has said.  Not the same thing as saying they were terrorists.  It means, they were good, peace-loving people but YOU made them terrorists, because…you weren’t nice enough to them.

‘Listen to Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece CAIR: “When we support coup leaders in Egypt or other places, when we support dictatorship, oppressive regimes around the world that push people over on the edge, then they become extremists, then they become terrorists.”

Loretta Lynch, US Attorney-General, has addressed Muslim murderrers killing Americans, by saying she will prosecute anyone engaging in “hate speech” towards Muslims, while CNN’s Anderson Cooper tried to get the wife of a victim – a co-worker who was a Christian who loved Israel – to admit that her husband probably wasn’t “nice” enough to Syed, and therefore he had it coming.

‘Yes, my friends, whatever you do, you can never be “nice” enough to today’s Muslims.

Not only today’s…not since the beginning of Islam did Muslims ever offer non-Muslims, in the long run, any options other than conversion, or the living-death of Dhimmitude, or…death. – CM

Listen to what I’m going to tell you now.  And trust me, as an American-born Israeli who has lived with Muslim terror for fifty years, it’s the truth.

‘They hate you not because of how you treat them, but because you exist and you don’t believe in their religion, or their wondrous prophet.  Because you treat women and homosexuals as human beings. Because you won’t agree that they take over your country and your lives and submit to their rules.

‘So when you die, they will tell you it’s all your fault. Because you made them mad.

‘You made them really, really mad, so whatever horrors they are at this very moment busily planning to inflict on you (because that’s the only thing they are good at; the only thing they believe in), you deserve them. It is inevitable, and you should have seen it coming.

‘And so if you welcome them into your country, and give them good jobs and educations, and you throw them baby showers, and allow their foreign-born fiancees K-1 visas to enter the country, they will add to their anger their contempt because you are weak and foolish and don’t understand that they are at war with you and want you dead.

‘And your politicians, who are still getting advice from CAIR, will outlaw guns to make it easier for them, because they don’t need licenses for guns, believe me. But you will.

‘And the states who had the guts to stand up to Obama’s flooding the US with ‘refugees’, will all back down, the way Texas has.

After all, why would you want to fight against a nice Syrian family – two lovely parents, two lovely grandparents, two little kids? And why wouldn’t you give a visa for the lovely fiancee of the environmental health specialist from San Bernardino with their lovely, dimpled six-month-old baby?  Why?

‘So you will.

‘And in return you are going to get San Bernardinos all over the USA.

‘Then you will need to live like we live in Israel, except maybe not as safely, because the people in charge of your safety have to do what your President, who is such good fellows with CAIR, tells them to do, while we are protected by fellow Jews, who have wised up over the years from our own Leftist crazies who got hundreds of us blown up in buses and coffee-houses while they were “giving peace a chance”, and giving the [so-called – CM] Palestinians “good-will gestures” like not frisking them at check-points for weapons, or arming their “police”.

‘Now, we let our moron Leftists talk.  But we don’t elect them or give them power, like you did, do and are planning to do…

‘Even Mr Trump, who has said so much that is true, is a moron when it comes to Islam.  He’s going to get Israel to “give concessions” to “make peace in six months”.

I feel sorry for you, America, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain.

‘So many more of you are going to die trying to be “nice” to the Muslims.  Trying to make life good for them, until you realize that they hate you and want you dead no matter what you do for them.  You and your wife and your kids.  Dead or sold into slavery, or raped, or educated to be killers.  Dead, or willing to be part of their new world order, the great Caliphate.

‘And without a radical change in thinking by the West, they are going to succeed.  There is a slim window of opportunity to defeat them. But it would take extreme guts, and extreme measures, which, frankly I don’t know if you’re capable of.

‘But here it goes. Take back your country [countries?] by taking away the power from your ISIS-loving Presidents and Prime Ministers and the people and media who put them into power.

‘Close down the Mosques and “Muslim Cutlural Centres (Islamic Centre of North America, CAIR, etc.  All the Islamic centres and mosques are connected with terror [that is: Jihad – CM], especially in America, according to John Guandolo, an FBI expert.

‘It’s not about gun control.  Yes, America has a gun problem, and is filled with crazies. But terrorists are not crazy.

Except insofar as Islam itself is antirational, nonrational, crazy….Long ago, in the late 19th century, an astute western scholar who had spent time studying Islam,  a man named Palgrave, observed that the theology of Islam, such as it was, boiled down to “a pantheism of force”.  And long, long before him the great Moses ben Maimon had remarked upon the difference between the Biblical God, who is reasonable, and the nonrational arbitrariness of ‘allah’. – CM

‘They are warriors.  They will obtain guns to make war, legal or not, and they will use them to kill people and further their agenda…”.

And if they cannot get guns or if they prefer not to use guns because they like other methods of killing better, they will use bombs, or kitchen knives (as was done at IKEA in Sweden) or run people over with cars (as Muslims running amok have done twice already in the USA, on a university campus and in the streets of San Francisco), or perhaps sow poisons or germs in food or water …The mass murderers of September 11 did not have guns; they had box cutters, but that was enough to hijack the planes which they then flew straight into buildings full of people.  Those who are lumping the San Bernardino mass murder in with random massacres carried out in America by non-Muslims of disturbed mind are doing so in order to avoid seeing that the San Bernardino mass murder was a Muslim ghazi raid on Infidels no different from the mass murders in Paris or at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, or at the Beslan school, or in Bali or Mumbai or London.  It was an act of war; it was part of the global Jihad that has been going on, off and on, for 1400 years. –  CM