New APT Expose – Al Qaeda’s Base at MIT

MIT Muslim Chaplain to MSA Suheil Laher

           Source: Jewish Press

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts is the premier education center in the world of high technology. It attracts students from all over the world, who as alumni have further the university’s reputation, as high technology researchers, entrepreneurs and even world leaders. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a distinguished MIT alumnus. 

Perhaps, not so well known are its more infamous alumni, who, while educated in the rational world of science and technology, have succumbed to the hateful and deadly Islamic doctrine of Jihad: Aafia Siddiqui and Suheil Laher:

FBI Photo of Aafia Siddiqui

One who stands out is Pakistani Brandeis and MIT graduate neuroscientist, Aafia Siddiqui aka Lady Al Qaeda who was caught in Afghanistan in 2008 by US forces endeavoring to create a bio-warfare capability for Al Qaeda. During her capture she attempted a shootout with US military personnel and FBI agents.  She was removed to the US, tried and sentenced in 2010 to a term of 86 years currently serving it in a Federal Texas high security prison. She has been the subject of Pakistani and even ISIS requests for her release and transfer. (See our September 2014 Iconoclast post. about Aafia Siddiqui and ISIS “ransom” request for the late American photo journalist, James Foley). While pursuing her scientific training at MIT, Siddiqui attended the Cambridge Mosque of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, where convicted domestic terrorist Tarek Mehanna had also attended. The late Boston Marathon Bomber Tamerlan Tsarneav had also attended the ISBCC Cambridge Mosque. 

Suheil Laher

Another MIT alum and Al Qaeda supporter is Suheil Laher, ‘spiritual leader” and  part time Chaplain for the Muslim Students Association  at the Cambridge, Massachusetts institution. According to his faculty bio from the Ella Collins Institute of  the ISBCC:

 Shyakh Laher “is currently a PhD candidate in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Harvard University. After studying Electrical Engineering at MIT, he later earned an MA (Religious Studies) from Boston University. He serves as part-time Muslim Chaplain at MIT, and Director of Qur’an Studies for Fawakih Institute. He has taught Arabic at BU and Brandeis as Lecturer, at Harvard as a Teaching Fellow, and has also worked as a software engineer.

Since 1999, Laher has been actively engaged in recruiting and providing funding support for Al Qaeda – linked Chechen Jihadists  the ethnic origins of the refugee terrorists, the Tsarneav brothers, the late Tamerlan and his younger sibling Dzhokhar.  Dzhokhar, who is now in the final sentencing phase for his Boston Federal trial conviction for perpetrating the Boston Marathon Bombing that killed 3 and injuring over 263, some maimed for life. A fourth killed during the brief flight of the Tsarneavs following the bombing was MIT police officer, Sean Collier. In April a permanent memorial for Collier was dedicated at MIT. 

Dr. Charles Jacobs and the team at Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) have produced a new documentary drawing attention to this infamous Jihadist outpost, Al Qaeda’s  Base at MIT, profiling Laher’s  Al Qaeda and Chechen terrorism supporting endeavors and hateful anti-Semitic Islamic doctrine.  The obvious conclusion after viewing the APT documentary is why MIT permits Laher to continue functioning as Chaplain for the Muslim Students Association, using it as a platform for dispensing hateful Islamic doctrine and to both recruit Jihadis raising funds for Al Qaeda. The MSA is also an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. After viewing the APT documentary, you may be prompted to express your concerns over retention of Laher by writing or calling MIT President Rafael Reif at  [email protected] or 617-253 0148.

Watch the APT YouTube Video, Al Qaeda’s Base at MIT: