Nietzsche: The Guiding Philosopher of the Globalist Elite

A friend once said to me, “Yesterday’s philosophy is today’s ideology.” We now see clearly that among the ruling elites of the West the philosopher Nietzsche is now the driving force. Buyer beware.

August Harriman writes in the American Thinker:

My mother was 18 when she was transported by freight train from her village in Hungary to Auschwitz.  Her mother and younger sister Katika, 13, did not survive.  Gabriella, my cousin, was “lost”.  She was 2 when stripped from her mother’s arms by Nazi guards and never seen again.

In 1944 the Germans had  orchestrated  a coup, and the controlling values of their small unenthusiastic ally Hungary went from those still rooted in Christendom to something quite different.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme, as Mark Twain noted.

It would, of course, be a gross exaggeration to make any parallels between what happened there and what is happening here, but there are two superficial similarities

De facto, we’ve had a coup in America.  Granted, it merely refortified the establishment, but it was a coup. And de jure, Christianity in America is no longer a significant force.

The onset of the latter can be firmly marked: June 25, 1962.  On that date the  Supreme Court , ruling school prayer unconstitutional, set in motion the expungement of Christianity from America.

Like dominoes falling, society follows law.  Divorced from Judeo-Christian norms, a large portion of the population, within 3 generations, would be remolded into a manipulated mass by a functionally atheist elite.   

America’s elite portrays itself as progressive, but their underlying ethos can’t be rooted in Marx.  Marx isn’t merely hypocrisy but a cover, a cloak.  From their actions, redistribution of their wealth and a classless society where they have no more power and influence than the common man is the last thing they want.

Their motives, attitudes and values are explained best by Nietzsche.  Perhaps one in ten Americans are familiar with the name; his thinking, though, describes and runs through those who run us.   Nietzsche is the unifying theory that explains what’s happened to the Western world – formerly known as Christendom – a word and world now extinct.  His values were dominant in the pre-WWI German elite, leading to a war that effectively ended European dominance. Soldiers at the front received copies of his work.

Bertrand Russell put a relatively benign face on the Germans’ political agenda.   “He wants an international ruling race who are to be lords of the earth, a vast new elite in which their rule will be stamped upon for thousands of years.”

Nietzsche saw in democracy the perfect weapon.  “Democracy will be the tool of the…future masters of the earth…philosophical men of power and artist- tyrants” who will “employ democracy as their most pliant and supple instrument to control the destinies of the earth.”  His “masters of the earth” rule through wealth, media, and  the manipulation of  law, science and culture.

As if coming out of central casting is Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. They have made man-made climate change the central issue of our times.  The policies that would purportedly reduce the carbon footprint give the elite a chokehold on America and its middle and working classes.  Even assuming that global warming is science, in terms of immediacy and the lives that would be lost, the threat is trivial compared to the very real risk of a  prolonged power grid collapse . The latter, however, is of no interest to Davos.  This is not an oversight.  Climate change is a cover.  It is Nietzsche science.

The WEF’s claim of man- made climate change provides the rationale to ban nitrogen-based fertilizer, drastically cutting food production.  Forty percent of the world’s population would not be here were it not for nitrogen fertilizer.  Scarcity provides the opportunity for centralized control.  More ambitiously, populations can be reduced though economic policy.

Nietzsche, in effect, centers on population control.  “Mankind in the mass sacrificed to the prosperity of a single stronger species of man –  that would be an advance.”   “Most individuals have no right to exist…and if they were sacrificed or slaughtered that would be an improvement.

The normative values of the world prior to Christianity ranged from the human sacrifices of Aztecs to the Helots of Sparta, with little in between. Nietzsche is the justification for the totalitarian control, Nazi and Communist, that was dominant for a significant portion of the 20th Century.

Our elite have chosen the Left as their vehicle to win and maintain power.  The Left seeks the demise of the Judeo-Christian moral code, and to accomplish this intends the dissolution of the American nation and its core, white Christian America.  If there is any evidence to the contrary, it has not been forthcoming.  There is nothing in the Left’s agenda that fails to comport with Nietzsche.

The American masses vote Left.  They are Nietzsche’s “pliant and supple instrument.”  They will not respond to arguments based on moral principles.  This is a post-Christian country.  And much of this country’s  population is of the quality of the OJ jury.  They will not respond to merits of the argument.   The only way to win the masses is on motive  – and the motive is Nietzsche.   Nietzsche is an obscure reference, but no more obscure than Mark Fuhrman was.  And unlike Fuhrman, Nietzsche fits the elite like a glove.  Five minutes revealing a malevolent motive can undo 20 years of propaganda and indoctrination. Not morality, not merit, but motive is the key

Alinsky teaches to define the enemy.  The Republican establishment defines the conflict as being between socialism and capitalism – between Karl Marx and Milton Friedman.   But the public doesn’t know Friedman nor would they be impressed.  Most live paycheck to paycheck.   They have no particular aversion to Marx, and many approve.   What they do know are the likes of Martin Shkreli  (Pharma Bro).

The correct framing, the only one that will work, is between a Nietzsche elite and the common man.  Unless the bulk of the population can be brought to recognize the motives behind what is transpiring in this country, this is a done deal.  The populace cannot be won with libertarian talk of free markets and entrepreneurship. Nor can they be won with pleas to patriotism. America is no longer a nation but a country.  The two are not synonymous.

In America, Nietzsche rhymes with Nazi.  Hungary had a Nazi occupation.  We have a Nietzsche occupation.  Nietzsche called man a herd animal.  Cattle cars are obsolete.  There are better ways to cull.  Also obsolete are tattoos on the forearm.  There are better ways to control.   We have gone from an analogue to a digital world.  80 years ago, a thousand year Reich was in the cards.  They have an exponentially better hand now.

More likely than not, this train will go no further than serfdom. “You will own nothing, and be happy”.  But more likely than not, we cannot be sure.  Not to be a Luddite, but with Artificial Intelligence, much of the workforce will be superfluous, and the environmental movement views humanity as contagion.

The beginning of wisdom is the willingness to acknowledge unpleasant facts.  The Judeo-Christian values that had perfused what had been a largely Christian nation are being systemically erased.  Nietzsche rules.

August Harriman is a pen name.