No, But It Will Help

Headline: Tunisia PM: Destroying boats used by smugglers won’t stop flow of migrants to Europe

Of course, what the Arabs in North Africa want is lots and lots of Western aid. You know — the bottomless pit of ending “poverty” and other “root causes” of that migrant flow. But since the poverty of the Muslim and sub-Saharan Africa is forever, and since these peoples continue to have families with eight, ten, fifteen children apiece (just look at the population figures, since 1920, of the Arab states, and compare, for example, the ten-fold increase in Iraq’s population, with the steady state of indigenous populations in France, the United Kingdom, Italy). and is the result of a cultural incapacity which, in the case of Muslim migrants, has everything to do with Islam and the ways it stunts mental growth, discourages free inquiry, punishes “bida” (new ways of doing things), and encourages the habit of mental submission, until Islam’s power is diminished — and when will that be? — there will always be these attempts to migrate to the advanced, well-run, and much-too-generous West, that should close its doors to such disruptive, expensive, and dangerous immigrants, whose unwelcome presence is steadily degrading in so many ways, recognized and unrecognized, the lives of the indigenous non-Muslim peoples of Europe.