No, President Trump did not suggest injecting bleach

The press is willfully ignorant, biased and dishonest. I watched the news conference. They were talking about how sunlight and heat/humidity kills the virus. He suggested light and heat as therapy. And yes, there is a therapy being worked on. They have tiny catheters with light which can be inserted into the airways. See below:

Dr. Birx must not have known about it or was confused about the question. That’s all. They will probably have to clarify this today like they have to spend time most days clarifying some other ridiculous news report.

More TDS from Yale here.

UPDATE on why the video was removed from YouTube:

New York Times reporter Davey Alba posted several tweets Friday night about his efforts to get YouTube to take down videos about the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus regarding President Trump recent comments about experimental treatments for the virus and a company, Aytu BioScience, that is claiming a UV light treatment can kill the coronavirus inside patients’ bodies via a fiber optic catheter inserted in an intubation tube. The company issued a press release on Tuesday about the treatment, two days before Trump was mocked by the media for speculating about such treatment. The company says a peer-reviewed study is forthcoming.

YouTube took down the Aytu BioScience video Friday night soon after Alba reported the video to YouTube…



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  1. Once again we have the media deliberately inflaming comments made by the President

    I watched the conference and listened carefully to what he had to say.

    He prefaced his remarks with references to research that is being done and proceeded to highlight the areas being explored.

    At no time did he suggest that people inject themselves or swallow bleach, he simply made reference to work being done by scientists on some possible paths to a solution.

    But the predator at WaPo wanted to get an answer to a trick question and Mr Trump was on to him like “ugly on a ape”

    It’s not the President’s job to stop stupid people from eating Tide Detergent pods or drinking cupfuls of hydroxychloroquine or injecting Lysol.

    His job is to offer hope on avenues that are being explored.

    But maybe I’m wrong, perhaps we do need legislation to stop people from doing those stupid things?

    He always refers to his expert help, usually standing alongside him, for clarification on what he’s said, but the media ignore those clarifications and immediately get to work on a damning headline that is,100% of the time, taken out of context.
    It’s a pipe dream I know but I can’t wait for the likes of CNN,MSNBC,the NYT and the WaPo
    (and Fox news of course, they’re just as bad on the other side) to bite the dust

  2. Why was that Aytu Healight video removed from YouTube?
    There was nothing in that video that could reasonably violate any terms of service.

    The degree to which the Covid panic-mongers will go to suppress dissent is far more frightening than the virus.

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