Norway Et Al. Fund The Replacement Geography Of The Jihad

Here is the story about “Palestine.”
That toponym, you will remember, was imposed on Judea by the Romans, in order to efface the Jewish connection to the land. Thus “Syria palaestinorum” became “Palestine” (an adjectival form), and the Romans used that word for the Judea, and similarly, Jerusalem became “Aelia Capitolina.” The Arabs never used the word “Palestine” until recently; the area when under Ottoman control was divided between several vilayets, and never administratively one unit. The Arabs themselves who flooded in from about 1900 t0 1940 (from Iraq,from Egypt, from east of the Jordan), attracted by the economic activity set in motion by Zionist pioneers, never stopped by any authority, Turkish or British (while the British were careful to limit, during the Mandate period, the numbers of Jews allowed in, even though they had solemnly undertaken to fulfill the terms and intentions of that Mandate, which as the Preamble to it states, included facilitating “Jewish immigration” and “close Jewish settlement on the land.”