Obama’s Revenge Unleashed on Israel

White House Chief of Staff McDonough and President Obama

Source: Pat Dollard

President Obama and his staff are using the prop of the J Street Conference in Washington, DC this week to unleash an unparalleled attack on Israel in revenge, many believe, for Netanyahu’s electoral victory. It is reflected in the President’s press conference, yesterday, in which he blamed Israel for the impasse effectively ending negotiations for a Palestinian state, suggesting to some possible moves to achieve that goal at the UN Security Council. The same venue the President hopes to obtain a UN resolution for approval of the political framework for an Iran nuclear deal, effectively sidelining Congress. Earlier this week, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough ‘rock star’ appearance at the J Street Conference aligning the Administration with Palestinian and Hamas rhetoric to end the occupation of the disputed territories, Judea and Samaria saying “50 years of occupation must end”. This follows Israeli President giving the nod to Netanyahu to form a ruling a coalition with a majority of the elected Knesset, 67 seats. Obama’s anger at Netanyahu stems from the latter’s address at a joint meeting of Congress on March 3rd at the invitation of US House Speaker Boehner followed by the letter of Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) signed by 46 colleagues sent to the leaders of the Islamic Republic. More recently, there are allegations that Israel may have spied on US Iran negotiations and then briefed members of Congress. Moreover, it appears that Israel’s calls to combat what PM Netanyahu has called a “very bad deal” has led to consultations with France’s Foreign Minister Fabius who has stiffened resistance to any deal with Iran unless it is demonstrably “fool proof.”

The Wall Street Journal published a lead editorial in today’s edition, “Obama’s Israel Tantrum”, suggesting that “the leader of the free world tales revenge on an ally”:

Even if you believe the main challenge in the region is getting Israel to cede more territory to the Palestinians, that day won’t happen until Israelis feel secure. But Israelis can be forgiven for feeling the opposite with a raging civil war in Syria, Islamic State and an offshoot of al Qaeda operating near the Golan Heights, Iranian General Qassem Soleimani leading Shiite militias in Iraq, and a U.S. Administration sounding and acting as if Iran can be a more constructive partner for peace than Israel.

The main threat to Middle Eastern peace today—even beyond Islamic State—is the rise of an imperial Iran using its own troops or proxies effectively to colonize Arab capitals. The prospect of an imperial Iran on the cusp of becoming a nuclear power has all of America’s traditional Arab friends in the region now closer to Mr. Netanyahu’s position on the Middle East than to Mr. Obama’s.

“We cannot simply pretend that those comments were never made.” These were the words Mr. McDonough used in his speech about Mr. Netanyahu’s election comments.

But Mr. McDonough’s words might be easily turned around. In a day when the President’s chief of staff invokes the lexicon of Palestinian terrorists to describe Israel’s democracy, Americans and the world are left to wonder whose side the leader of the free world is on. (Read More)


President Obama has unleashed revenge on Israel and PM Netanyahu outraged that the Jewish nation would assert its sovereign right to defend its people against the existential and conventional threats of Iran whose rising nuclear hegemony threatens the Middle East and the US. Israel’s Netanyahu is thwarting Obama’s rapprochement with Mahdist Iran over cooperation in the war against ISIS and concluding a political agreement enabling Iran to achieve nuclear breakout. Witness the air intelligence CENTCOM is providing Iranian Quds Force Gen. Suleymani orchestrating the battle to retake Tikrit in Iraq. The vicious attack on Israel blaming it for not concluding a peace deal with the implacable enemies the PA and partner Hamas may reflect the President’s frustration at not succeeding to work behind the scenes to topple Netanyahu in the 2015 Knesset elections. That backfired when Israelis went to the polls and returning Netanyahu to a fourth non-consecutive term. But we knew this was coming. Just prior to the Israeli elections, the President appointed long term enemy of Israel, Robert Malley to be overall head of Middle East Policy, whose goal is imposing a draconian peace deal on Israel. As Israelis and US supporters of the Jewish nation, like South Carolina US Senator Lindsey Graham, know, unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 resulted in Iranian and home grown rockets raining all over Israel triggering three wars. Save for the Iron Dome system, enormous casualties would have resulted. White House Chief of Staff’s Denis McDonough’s call at the Soros-backed J Street Conference to end 50 years of occupation is straight out of the propaganda mills of the PA, Hamas, Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah. Shame on American Jews like Peter Beinert and members of the J Street Rabbinic cabinet for urging American Jewish youths to become martyrs in a summer campaign in Judea and Samaria.

Listen to this Voice of Israel Josh Hasten commentary with voice clips from McDonough’s speech at the J Street Conference and Sen. Lindsey Graham’s rebuttal.

 Noted theologian, post-holocaust scholar and author of Jihad and Genocide, Dr. Richard L. Rubenstein’s prescient 2010 NER interview with this writer says it all: “Obama is the most radical US President ever




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