OMG, She Cheered For White Men!

Janice Fiamengo’s newest video:

Like many other academic fields today, Medieval studies has been rocked by claims that white supremacism and attendant far-right isms are deeply imbedded in the discipline and must be rooted out—in fact that there is nothing more important to do in the field than talk about white supremacism and heteropatriarchy, and that anyone not willing to do it must themselves be white supremacists whose denials, or even silence, harm people of color.



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  1. Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed this piece on Rachel Fulton Brown, with whom I was previously unaware. Having been out of academia many years now, I am amazed at the surreal world it has become. The idea that somehow identity politics should be used to frame the presentation of history and culture, and be used as a book burning threat on intellectual freedom is so bizarre it is hard to fathom how such a mindset ever came to dominate the university environment. Are there so few believers in freedom of thought? Perhaps they have even forgotten the scientific method by now. Wonderful piece and I will look forward to more.

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