On the eve of the EU referendum


Regular readers will not be surprised to hear that I intend to vote ‘leave’ tomorrow. As a young woman I was not in favour of joining what was then the Common Market but notwithstanding  my doubts I voted to remain in the 1975 referendum. My thinking, which was a common attitude, was that having joined, two years was not a long enough period to judge any benefit; we should remain, but leave if it proved to be a mistake 

And did it prove to be a mistake! We were lied to and what was presented as a trade agreement between a few like-minded countries of Western Europe has become  an attempt at an undemocratic federal state, which is not to even ultimately retain its European culture.

On Wednesday evening I was optimistic of the vote. The scenes on the river of a millionaire and his cronies abusing hard-working fishermen turned public opinion. Then Yorkshire pro-remain MP Jo Cox was murdered outside the local library of her constituency and a media campaign milked the death of this young woman for all it was worth. This despite the official campaigns being suspended for three days as a mark of respect.

Her husband, a friend of Geldof and Nick Lowles of Hope not Hate had been instrumental in organising the anti-fishermen boats and the first hours of his widowerhood were spent organising events to convince the public to vote remain in his wife’s memory. Polls show that this campaign has achieved some success.

I will say no more. The murder trial is now sub judice and two small children have lost their mother.

But that is no reason to vote remain. I want my country to retain our sovereignty, our independence and our democracy. To decide who comes and who goes. For the MPs we elect to decide our laws on the mandate we give them.

I will vote that the United Kingdom leave the European Union. 


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