Operation Sanctuary: 550 face deportation as gangs and child abusers are targeted


Operation Sanctuary is the Northumbia Police in NE England tackling Muslim rape and prostitution gangs. Once this operation was set up the investigation into the rapists improved greatly.  From the Chronicle.

The impact Operation Sanctuary has had on protecting children can today be revealed, amid fresh warnings over child sexual exploitation continuing on Tyneside. Northumbria Police’s huge probe centres on breaking up a sordid Tyneside grooming network and has netted over 90 convictions to date. In total, those culprits will spend over 400 years behind bars.

Over 200 warnings have been handed to suspected child groomers while 60 taxi drivers suspected of “sexual exploitation” have been suspended.

• Over 550 people face deportation following referrals under the Home Office’s ‘High Harm’ scheme

• Police have identified eight crime gangs which are all now subject to “ongoing disruption”

• A flurry of court orders have been issued, including ten aimed at stopping slavery and trafficking

• 220 child abduction notices have been issued, warning suspects of arrest if they contact children

• Police acted on over 1,400 pieces of intelligence

• Over 60 premises have been raided, with £40,000 in fines handed out, and £30,000 of illegal booze and tobacco seized.

Since funding ended, it (Operation Sanctuary) was absorbed into the Complex Abuse Investigation Unit,

But the report warns the fight to tackle sexual exploitation is far from over. “Child sexual exploitation and sexual exploitation continue to occur with Northumbria Police,” it states. ” . . .Despite targeted activity and investigation this type of offending continues.” It is good to hear a police force say this; some are still trying to deny that it is a problem. 

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