Oxford Street alert: Police stand down after reports of shots fired

Sky News and Telegraph

Armed police have stood down following reports of shots fired on London’s Oxford Street and at Oxford Circus Tube station. Cordons have been lifted on Oxford Street, where shoppers were earlier warned to “go into a building” amid fears over a possible terror-related incident.Oxford Circus and Bond Street stations have also now been reopened.

Met Police said: “Given the nature of the information received, the Met responded in line with our existing operation as if the incident was terrorism, including the deployment of armed officers.Officers working with colleagues from British Transport Police carried out an urgent search of the area.

Scotland Yard said “Given the nature of the info received we responded as if the incident was terrorism, including the deployment of armed officers.”

This seems to have been a mass panic. A reliable source who has his ear very close to the London ground tells me it is believed ot have been caused by a wrongfully thrown firework the noise of which sparked panic.

It may have been deliberate to spread alarm, affect morale and maybe induce complacency for the next time. It may have been some little t**rag who wants pole-axing. It may have been an unfortunate accidental act.

The good thing is that the police, transport officials and security services were on the ground and dealing with it quickly, so it was good practice for them.