Paraguayan Teen Arrested in Spain as Part of Terror Cell ‘Prepared to Attack’

Spanish police arrested eleven people in a terror raid in Catalonia this week, including one Paraguayan minor believed to be preparing to attack Spain and working with jihadist groups, including the Islamic State.

The Wall Street Journal reports that most of the eleven were Spanish and Moroccan nationals–five each–and four in the Spanish group were converts to Islam. Catalonian police told the press that the group formed a “complete and structured” terrorist cell, and that the group “was prepared to attack.”

Paraguay’s ABC Color adds more details: the Paraguayan government has confirmed that the 17-year-old was indeed their national, and it has been confirmed that the minor arrested is male. Authorities have stated they expect to be able to release at least the initials of the boy’s name soon, as the investigation develops.

Authorities also stated they believe the most recently arrested group of terrorist actors may have been operating in tandem with a different group arrested in December. That group specialized in recruiting young converts to Islam to join the Islamic State in the Middle East. Among those arrested was a teenage Brazilian national, who was arrested by Spanish authorities in Bulgaria on his way to Syria.

The Islamic State has invested significant resources in converting Spanish Muslims and citizens generally to jihad. The group has released multiple propaganda videos vowing to “liberate” al-Andalus, the medieval Muslim name for southern Spain, and sympathizers of the terrorist group have hacked numerous governmental websites and replaced their content with jihadist propaganda


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  1. Four were *converts*, eh?

    The awful reality is this: *any* person who, from an Infidel background, converts to Islam, is potentially deadly dangerous, not only to their own non-Muslim family and friends and workmates, but to their entire society.

    Every non-Muslim religious group – and atheist/ freethinking groups as well – *have* to start actively working out ways to dissuade people from converting to Islam, and/ or from marrying Muslims. And they also need to make people aware of the reality that when and if your child/ spouse/ other relative/ friend/ coreligionist/ classmate/ co-worker identifies themselves as a convert to Islam, you must view them henceforth with great wariness (while, of course,making every effort to encourage them to *leave* Islam and come back to the Camp of the Free). They have joined the only major belief system that, in the modern world, *still* practises ritual human sacrifice; that might be described as a blend of a death/ murder cult with an Organised Crime syndicate, rather like what you’d get if you crossed the old Thuggees with the Mafia. That person – yes, even if they were your nearest-and-dearest – may even try to kill *you* in order to please ‘allah’ and advance the power and temporal sway of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob. So they must be *watched*, narrowly and constantly and untrustingly, and the moment they do anything at all that looks ‘odd’, you must not hesitate to dob them in.

    What is even worse than the *declared* converts, is the prospect of people doing a “Nu’aym bin Mas’ud” (google his name and find out who he was): converting to Islam, but doing so in secret, concealing their conversion and change of allegiance from their non-Muslim family and society, and then – *within* the context of that family and society – working in subtle or unsubtle ways to harm that family and society and to advance the cause of Islam and Muslims. *That*’s the all-too-real prospect – more possible today than ever before in the past, because of social and mass media allowing disaffected or inclined-to-evil or just plain gullible non-Muslims to have contact with Muslims and with Islam *even if* their societies were (but they are presently not) closed to actual Muslims.

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