Parramatta, Sydney, Australia: Muslim Murders Cop and Gets Shot Dead

Here’s the report from the ABC’s ‘just in’ online news portal which initially set my thumbs a-pricking.

“Parramatta Shooting; Civilian Police Employee and Unidentified Gunman Die in Shooting Outside NSW Police Parramatta HQ”.

‘A civilian NSW Police employee has been “callously murdered” and his killer shot dead as officers returned fire outside police headquarters at Parramatta in Sydney’s west.

‘Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said the lone gunman, who is yet to be identified, shot the police employee at close range as he was leaving the building around 4.30 pm on Friday.

‘The offender then fired several more shots at officers as they emerged from the building to respond to the incident.’

And that is what prompted me to set a copy of this story aside, and await developments.  The shape of the attack – a one-two punch, an initial attack to draw attention and then the attempted ambush of the first responders. This is a pattern we see in jihad attacks all over the place.  The other little clue is the timing of the attack: afternoon, on a Friday. There is a distinct ‘spike’ in Muslim violence of all kinds on Fridays, their ‘holy’ day. – CM

‘The gunman was killed when the officers, who are special constables, returned fire.

Good. He’s dead. And he didn’t manage to kill anyone else. –  CM

‘In an emotional media conference, Mr Scipione praised the senior constables for the way they handled the situation. “Those special constables certainly put their lives on the line this afternoon”, Mr Scipione said.

‘They acted in a way that was incredibly courageous. And I’m just so pleased that they’re all well..they were incredibly professional.”

‘Mr Scipione described the incident as a callous attack.  “I’ve viewed a number of pieces of footage. I can tell you this was a brutal crime.” he said, “An employee of the New South Wales Police Force has been callously murdered here today.  He was simply leaving work.  We acknowledge that this is a terrible episode and it will have an impact on our officers.”

‘The Commissioner stressed there was no ongoing threat to the surrounding community.

Well, not from that particular jihadi, who has now assumed room temperature. But there are plenty more where he came from…– CM

‘The ABC understands the incident was not related to terrorism.

They understood wrong, as we shall see. – CM

“The identity of the gunman is not yet known, and until we can identify him, we’re not in any position to take this any further in terms of motive, or any other particular, around this particular attack, Mr Scipione said…”.

But sure enough, as so often happens these days in many places, the attacker – now deceased, good riddance – turns out to have been a young Mohammedan with a head stuffed full of Jihad.

‘Gunman Who Shot Dead NSW Police Employee Was Radicalised Youth”.

Radicalised youth’ = Young Muslim Going Jihad.  – CM

‘The actions of the 15 year old gunman who shot dead a New South Wales police civilian employee were an act of terrorism, police say.

‘The radicalised youth, of Iraq-Kurdish background (no, of Muslim background: his actual ethnicity is quite immaterial, he could just as easily have been ethnically Lebanese, or Somali, or Pakistani, or Turkish, or even an anglo-celt Aussie convert to Islam, like Jake Bilardi – CM) killed the employee as he was leaving police headquarters at Parramatta in Sydney’s west around 4.30 pm yesterday.

I wonder whether the Muslim who killed him had been to midday ‘prayers’ at the mosque that day? – CM

‘The offender then fired several more shots at officers as they emerged from the building to respond to the incident.

He was killed when the officers, who are special constables, returned fire.

Serves him right. Good riddance. And good on the constables for accurate fire to protect the public. This was all taking place in broad daylight in a public thoroughfare, at a time when there were lots of people around, and had the jihadi not been swiftly taken down, many people could have been wounded or killed. – CM

‘Commissioner Andrew Scipione said police were a long way from establishing a full picture of the gunman, but could confirm he was of Iraqi-Kurdish background and born in Iran.

Did he or his parents come here claiming to be ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’ and crying ‘persecution’? – CM

“We believe his actions were politically motivated, and therefore linked to terrorism”, Mr Scipione said.

“We have no information that this individual posed this type of threat (yes, that’s the problem, with so many of them, especially the younger ones, you don’t know that this or that one is going to Go Jihad…until they do – CM), but we will investigate thoroughly.”

Start with whatever mosque or mosques he and / or his family – including extended family – attended. Search the damn place/s from attic to basement, now.  Using sniffer dogs.  You have a perfect cast-iron excuse to do it, so do it, and see what you find. This little Mohammedan thug murdered a cop, or, more precisely, a civilian employee of the police department. He murdered an unarmed man, in broad daylight, in the public street.  Right now, you should be bringing down a ten-tonne hammer on the Mohammedan mob. But I have an awful feeling you won’t. Because that would hurt their poor little feelings. – CM

‘Mr Scipione confirmed the victim was Curtis Cheng, a 17 year veteran of the police force’s finance department.

Curtis Cheng. Nota bene: a Chinese-Australian. Who would have been Buddhist, or Taoist or Confucian, or secular, or quite probably a professing Christian – many Chinese-Aussies are Christians.  Murdered by a Muslim. – CM

“He was a much-loved man, [he had] been with us a long time. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone have a bad word about Curtis and he will be missed”, he said.  

‘Premier Mike Baird said the “chilling crime” would “echo around the world” (no doubt to the great glee of Mohammedans; all who wish to kill or steal need to kill the guard-dogs first, and the Infidel police and soldiers constitute the ‘guard dogs’ of the Infidel polities – CM), while Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull condemned the “cold-blooded murder, targeting the NSW Police Service.”

“It was doubly shocking because it was perpetrated by a 15 year old boy, and it underlines the importance of families, communities, leaders being very aware of whether young people are becoming radicalised”, Mr Turnbull said.

Dear Mr Turnbull:  Jihad emerges organically and naturally out of traditional Islam. Islam as taught and practised by the Ummah or Mohammedan mob.  All too often the fMuslim amilies, communities and leaders – the imams, sheikhs, teachers at madrasas – know exactly who is being ‘radicalised’, that is, incited and recruited for jihad…because it is they, those Muslim families, communities and leaders – who are doing the incitement and recruitment. And to be blunt, Mr Turnbull, you can spare us the woolly generalities, because the only other young people, besides those born into Muslim families, who are in danger of being thus ‘radicalised’ – of Going Jihad – are those who are listening to the dawa artists and converting to Islam.   Like Jake Bilardi did.  Infidel parents should indeed be aware of who their children are hanging out with in realspace or in cyberspace…and if they think the siren song of Islam is being sung to those kids, they need to move heaven and earth to counter it, to dissuade their child from joining the Mob.  Muslim parents need to be bluntly put on notice: you and your mosque will get the third degree if your kid Goes Jihad. – CM

‘He urged the community (I assume he means, “Aussie non-Muslims”, here – CM) to remember the Australian Muslim community would be especially appalled by the crime.

Really? What evidence does he have for this?  The word of greasily-smiling mohammedan spokespeople saying whatever they think will work to deflect infidel attention from the clear teachings of hatred, enmity, aggression and violence in the Quran, Sira and Hadith? Those who adhere to nomative Islam are specifically primed to despise and regard as illegitimate all infidel systems of law and government, and to struggle to destroy and erase those systems and replace them with a Muslim despotism in which the sharia of Islam is the only law.  It makes perfect sense that a Muslim would despise and attack an Infidel policeman, who represents infidel law and government. –  CM

“We must not vilify or blame the entire Muslim community with the actions of what is, in truth, a very, very small percentage of violent, extremist individuals.” he said.

And yet that Muslim ‘community’ seems to be producing individuals of that sort with remarkable frequency and consistency, all over the world. It isn’t such a small percentage as all that, when you start adding up all the attacks both attempted or achieved, and those which are plotted but foiled before the attempt, and all the Muslims from all over who have galloped off to join the Islamic State – or to engage in jihad in other hotspots, such as Somalia.  No other ideologically-defined community in Australia is producing this sort of person in such numbers. – CM

‘The Muslim community are our absolutely necessary partners in combating this type of violent extremism”.

Trouble is, PM Turnbull, this ‘violent extremism’ is exactly the sort of thing Mohammed went in for…and Mohammed is the pattern of conduct for all pious Muslims, for all time. – CM

‘Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten described the shooting as a “shocking incident”.

‘In a statement, he said Australians would struggle to comprehend how a 15 year old boy would be part of a terrible crime.

“Our thoughts are also with the family of the alleged young perpetrator. 

Speak for yourself, Mr Shorten. Mine aren’t.  Mine are with Mr Cheng’s bereaved family and colleagues. – CM

“Like all Australians, they will be struggling to comprehend (no they won’t be, this young mohammedan’s parents know perfectly well why he did it and quite probably approve – CM) how someone so young could be part of (sic: ‘carry out’ would be closer to the truth than the mealy-mouthed passive ‘be part of’ – CM) such a terrible crime”, the statement said.

Mr Shorten, I am not struggling to comprehend why, because I have read the Quran.  He did it because of Islam. Islam. Islam.  Those who ‘slay and are slain’ in ‘the cause of allah’ are promised ‘paradise’. It’s in the Quran, the Sira, the Hadiths.   And as for his being young…that puts the onus on the adults around him, the Muslim milieu in which he grew up.- CM

‘Mr Shorten promised to continue Labor’s bipartisan approach to national security.

‘Mr Scipione praised the senior constables for the way they handled the situation.  “I don’t think I’ve seen a greater act of bravery than what I saw last night with these three special constables.” he said, “Those special constables certainly put their lives on the line, knowing they were under fire, probably aware that somebody had been shot, could even have been aware that it was one of their own.”

And for all they knew, there could have been other armed Mohammedan murderers waiting in ambush, not just one. – CM

‘Mr Scipione assured the community that police were “ready” to deal with threats of terrorism.

“They are vigilant, they are on top of this, they are ready”, he said.  “The response last night by our special constables would only go to show that they are prepared to deal with and can deal with anything they are confronted with.  We are acutely aware that we need to right now be on top of our game.”

Surprise-raid and search the bloody mosques. All of them. Now. -CM

‘Both Mr Baird and and Mr Scipione urged the community to go on with their lives.  “This is an incredibly important weekend, both here and in Melbourne, in terms of Grand Finals, and they should go on and they will”, Mr Scipione said.  

‘Mr Turnbull said State and Federal government agencies were working hard to protect Australians.’

Well, start by putting a complete ban on all further entry of Mohammedans – and that includes those who claim to be ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’  – into Australia. And as for those who are wanting an Excellent Jihad Adventure in Syria…or anywhere else similar…let them go. But annull their passports and citizenship or residencies, once you know they’ve left.  And don’t grant citizenship to any non-citizen mohammedans already present; a temporary residency only, subject to review, so as to make it possible to deport them if occasion arises.  And…search the mosques. And the madrasas, the “Islamic schools’.  Now. All of them.   – CM

And the ABC shows us an idiotic tweet from NSW premier Mike Baird – “This is not a time to point fingers, for anger to reign. We have to come together and solve it”.

Come together with the Muslims, who divide the world into dar al Islam, which intends to rule, and dar al harb, which they intend to annihilate? – CM

“The Commonwealth agencies, the Security Service, the AFP and other agencies are working very closely with NSW Police”, he said.  “We are utterly determined, totally united, professional and committed to ensuring Australia and its people are safe.”

Then stop importing Muslims.  Now. Got Muslims? Got Jihad. – CM

‘Mr Baird said people were trying to understand “how someone so young could commit such a hideous crime“.

Maybe you are, Mr Baird. But I’m not. I understand perfectly well, because I’ve read the Quran. – CM

“We cannot let actions such as this divide us. We cannot let hate overtake us”, he said.

Go visit MEMRI, Mr Baird. Watch, oh, about 30 or 40 Muslim sermons and other presentations from the Muslim media all over the dar al Islam. And then you will hear the voice of Hate, and how it can motivate thousands, millions of people, who are taught to hate and despise the Infidel – which is us, you and me, Premier Baird – from the moment they can walk.  Look up the concept of Dar al Harb and Dar al Islam.  Look up al wala wa al baraa, Loyalty and Enmity. And you will understand that Islam – normative Islam – teaches its adherents both division, and hatred, in  spades. – CM

“We have to come together, and I’m sure that’s what we’ll see from this city and this state’.

Come together…with people taught from birth to view us as “the worst of beasts”.?? Who are taught not to befriend us, except temporarily and feigningly? who are taught to be harsh with us? – CM

‘Pat Gooley, from the NSW Police Association, said he was confident that appropriate processes were in place to assess this kind of threat, but found it disturbing that there was no logical reason for the attack.

Oh. dear.  No reason? Really?  Mr Gooley: a word of advice. Read Robert Spencer, “Onward Muslim Soldiers” and “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran” and “The Truth About Muhammad”.   Or perhaps S K Malik, “the Quranic Concept of War”.  Or Patrick Sookhdeo, “Global Jihad”.  Read the Quran, and the Sira, and explore some of the Hadiths, Bukhari and Muslim. Get a clue. Because your failure to understand where this kind of thing is coming from is endangering us all. – CM

“Police have been targets for a long time in their policing duties, from drug offenders, from mental health patients that require assistance”, he said.

“We are used to being under threat. What’s really concerning police is that there’s no rhyme or reason to these current terror threats.”…

To repeat. Dr Mr Gooley: read. the. Quran.  Read the Enemy’s book. Churchill read Mein Kampf. YOu, my dear Mr Gooley, and everybody else responsible for protecting and defending our various Infidel countries, currently riddled with Mohammedan Fifth Columnists, have got to read the Quran…and not with a smiling Islamic apologist and dawa-artist sitting at your elbow telling you not to believe your lying eyes. – CM




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  1. Exactly – Islam is the problem and should be outlawed. If a bikie gang had in its manifesto instructions to kill or subjugate anyone who disagreed with them, would they not be outlawed?
    High time to abandon PC speech and deal with the elephant in the room.

  2. These know-nothings in charge of our security make me sick. Ignorance is a very difficult thing to explain to the ignorant.

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