December 2013

Cloud Study at Sunset  by John Constable



Lord Black: Enemy of the People by Rebecca Bynum


Fighting Hitler from the Sidelines by Conrad Black


The Savior of Iraqi Jewish Heritage: an interview with Dr. Harold Rhode

by Jerry Gordon


The Ensign’s Conversion by David P. Gontar


Jake Barnes: Secular Father Confessor in Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

by Sam Bluefarb


Literary Funambulism by G. Murphy Donovan


Not Quite Midnight’s Children; The Karma of Kathmandu

by Geoffrey Clarfield


Appeasement in Geneva? by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates


An Alternative Israeli-Arab Peace Plan by Robert Wolfe


The New Orientalism: Why Posh Leftists Adore Muslims & the Muslim World

by Paul Austin Murphy


Hizb-ut-Tahrir Statement On Australian Politics – Mendacious, Or Refreshingly Honest?

by CatStrangler101


Wasting Away in Taqiyyaville by Richard Butrick


From Albert to Arik: There Has Been None Like Einstein

by Norman Berdichevsky


SoHo: Unplanned Urban Renewal by Richard Kostelanetz


Crisis of the President by NB Armstrong


Dancing with Shadows by Moshe Dann




Free Astray by Len Krisak


The Day Of The Goddess by Bibhu Padhi