Theodore Dalrymple

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Heroism and Mythomania (June 2021)
Full Canvases, Empty Palettes (May 2021)
Moral Philosophy Hanging by a Thread (April 2021)
What We Do (March 2021)
If the Stoics Had Been Right (February 2021)
Brutalism (January 2021)
Adult Life (December 2020)
Photography as an Art (November 2020)
Engaged by the Wicked (October 2020)
We're All A Bit Sorry (September 2020)
Books About Things Never Read (August 2020)
Early Thoughts (July 2020)
To a Muddy Death (June 2020)
The Pandemic of Authoritarianism (May 2020)
Unnecessary Journeys (April 2020)
The Continuing Corruption in Equatorial Guinea (February 2020)
Politicizing Language (January 2020)
Portsmouth in England (December 2019)
Sentenced to Death (November 2019)
Trudeau: Politics Without Spine (October 2019)
The Ayatollah of Climate Change: Greta Thunberg (September 2019)
Rag & Bone (August 2019)
Gratitude and Grumblng (July 2019)
Virtue Gone Mad (June 2019)
Houellebecq and the Popularity of the Crisis of Meaning (May 2019)
Memory Gaps (April 2019)
Real People (March 2019)
Preferring Failures
(February 2019)
Metaphysical Vacuum Cleaner (January 2019)
Bats on Strings (December 2018)
Living Like it's Your Last Day (November 2018)
Architectural Dystopia: A Book Review (October 2018)
His Untimely Going (October 2018)
The Lizards (September 2018)
An Evening in France (August 2018)
Plausibility as Expanation (July 2018)
The Challenge of Chance (June 2018)
The Organ of Memory (May 2018)
Making the Moth of It (April 2018)
The Writing on the Flyleaf (March 2018)
Butterfly Mind (February 2018)
Benefits of Non-Production Part II (January 2018)
Benefits of Non-Production Part I (December 2017)
The Evaporation of Exteriors (November 2017)
The Predictability of Predictions (October 2017)
Stung by Anthropomorphization (September 2017)
Forms (August 2017)
Everyone’s Inner Authoritarian (July 2017)
At the Prado (December 2016)
Wiesel Words (November 2016)
Nota Bene, Part II (October 2016)
Nota Bene, Part I (September 2016)
Houellebecq and Call (August 2016)
Tortured by Circumstance (July 2016)
Renan Revisited (June 2016)
Dog Day Afternoon (June 2016)
Let Us Praise Ordinary Men (May 2016)
My Road to Damascus (April 2016)
Slaves of the Combustion Engine (March 2016)
A Hornets' Nest of Morality (February 2016)
Father in the Looking Glass? (January 2016)
And Death Shall Have Its Dominion (December 2015)
Depending on Execution (November 2015)
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (November 2015)
Traviata Trivia (October 2015)
There Are No Flies On Us (October 2015)
Cuckoo about Cuckoos (September 2015)
Our Dreams Are Such Stuff As We Are Made On (September 2015)
Of Tyrants and Trillions, Part I (August 2015)
Of Tyrants and Trillions, Part II (August 2015)
From Scotland to Timor (July 2015)
Hazards of Hazlitt (July 2015)
Sir Joshua and the Tumbling Walls (June 2015)
Reading Your Stasi (June 2015)
All Men Are Created Snobs (May 2015)
Falstaff the Brave (May 2015)
Doing the Charleston (May 2015)
Graves' Disease? (April 2015)
And Some Have Greatness Thrust From Them (April 2015)
Of Chekhov, Dickens, Henley and Pascal (April 2015)
A Battle of Algiers (March 2015)
And Death Shall Have His Dominion (March 2015)
Chinese Puzzles (February 2015)
Lunch Conquers All, Part 2 (February 2015)
Lunch Conquers All, Part 1 (January 2015)
Flying High (January 2015)
Warmth is Cool (December 2014)
Fact and Tact (December 2014)
Driven Mad (November 2014)
Eternal Youth, Eternal Kitsch (November 2014)
Serial Killers and Serial Explanations (October 2014)
The Meaning of Life (October 2014)
Spider Man (September 2014)
A Game of Rat and Mouse (September 2014)
How I Rwanda What You Are (August 2014)
Zerbran at the Bozar (August 2014)
What Dreams May Come (July 2014)
Apocalypse Now (July 2014)
What a Falling Prof. Was There (June 2014)
Ford and Against (June 2014)
The Art of Automutilation (May 2014)
Of Horlicks and Heroism (May 2014)
Fifty Shades of Gray (April 2014)
You Cannot Fathom Russia with Your Mind (April 2014)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (April 2014)
Coming Up Tramps (March 2014)
Life's a Swindle (March 2014)
Give Death Its Due (February 2014)
Something Rotten in the Art of Denmark (February 2014)
Sense and Sentimentality (January 2014)
Serpentine Mind (November 2013)
Hitching to Gomorrah (October 2013)
Boxing Clever (October 2013)
In Praise of a Dying Trade (September 2013)
Slugs Are For The Birds (September 2013)
Gossamer Wings (August 2013)
Butterfly Minds (August 2013)
Destiny of Crime (July 2013)
Of Owls and Richard the Third, Part II (July 2013)
Non-Linear B (June 2013)
Grave Questions (June 2013)
Of Owls and Richard the Third: Part 1 (May 2013)
We Are All to Blame - or Is It the Others? (May 2013)
No Cant in Immanuel (April 2013)
Morality, Hawk-Eyed and Pigeon-Toed (April 2013)
Portuguese-Men-Of-Art (March 2013)
Destructive Creation (March 2013)
Time Past (February 2013)
As a Matter of Interest (February 2013)
The Sock Fairy (January 2013)
The Profits of Blame (January 2013)
A Word to the Wise (December 2012)
Ancient and/or Modern (November 2012)
A New Squirearchy (October 2012)
The Bruised Heel Healed (October 2012)
The Art of Destruction (September 2012)
Dictatorship: The Wave of the Future? (November 2011)
Oh Calcutta! (December 2009)
The essays below can be found in Dr. Dalrymple's books Farewell Fear (2012) and Anything Goes (2011) from New English Review Press.

A Doctor Writes (August 2012)
Haydn Seek (July 2012)
Strictly for the Birds (June 2012)
Fairly Just (May 2012)
It's A Riot (April 2012)
To Judge By Appearances (March 2012)
All's Fair in Politics and Celebrity (March 2012)
The End of Charity (February 2012)
Forgiveness Is a Kind of Wild Justice (January 2012)
Knowledge Without Knowledge (November 2011)
Of Love, etc. (October 2011)
The Meaning of Pyongyang (September 2011)
Who Is to Blame? (August 2011)
The Rape of Innocence (July 2011)
The Baseness of Acid (June 2011)
Sewer Thing (May 2011)
Of Evil and Empathy (May 2011)
The Pleasures of Perfidy (April 2011)
Of Termites & Mad Dictators (March 2011)
Anyone for Bunga-Bunga? (February 2011)
Evil Be Thou My Evil (January 2011)
When Irish Eyes Are Crying (December 2010)
A Version of Conversion (November 2010)
Metsu-Metsu (October 2010)
It's All Your Fault (September 2010)
Destructive Preservation (August 2010)
Of Snobbery and Soccer (July 2010)
The Machine (June 2010)
The New Faith, Hope and Charity (May 2010)
Steel Yourself (April 2010)
Thank You For Not Expressing Yourself (March 2010)
Please Feel My Pain (February 2010)
We Are All Guilty (January 2010)
Let Them Inherit Debt (November 2009)
The Cult of Insincerity (October 2009)
Crime and Punishment (September 2009)
Fujimori (August 2009)
Steady As She Goes (July 2009)
Poisoned By Celebrity (May 2009)
Attitude or Gratitude? (April 2009)
Beauty and the Beast (March 2009)
The Rules of Perspective (Feb. 2009)
Beauty and the Best (Jan. 2009)
Mumbai's The Word (Dec. 2008)
Of Bibliophilia and Biblioclasm (Nov. 2008)
Neither A Lender Nor A Borrower Be (Oct. 2008)
The Triumph Of Evil(Sept. 2008)
Of Death and Transfiguration (Aug. 2008)
My Problem Of Evil (July 2008)
The Pains of Memory (June 2008)
The Evil Next Door (May 2008)
Roman Remains (April 2008)
An Ill for Every Pill (March 2008)
A Cost Benefit Analysis Of Cost Benefit Analysis (Feb.  2008)
Of Mailer and Murder (Nov. 2006)
The Realities of Evil (Sept. 2006)
WHO Cares (Aug. 2006)
PC Among the Docs (July 2006)
From Melting Pot to Stir-Fry (June 2006)
Diary of a Journey Through Europe (Feb - May 2006)