Bombing Gaza

By Steven Sher (August 2017)

The Destruction of Sodom, Mallord William Turner, 1805



I who am no more
than dust must ask.
What if you find fifty
righteous souls?
                   I won't destroy it.
Or forty say
they're filled with awe?
                   I won't destroy it.
What if thirty
thirst for justice?
                  I won't destroy it.
If twenty-five possess
kind hearts?
                 I won't destroy it.
Or twenty defend
a virgin's honor?
                I won't destroy it.
Fifteen redeem
the orphans, feed the poor?
               I won't destroy it.
And what if ten,
if only ten repent?
              For ten but not one less
             I'll spare Hamas.



Brooklyn native Steven Sher is the author of 15 books including, most recently, Uncharted Waters (New Feral Press, 2016) and The House of Washing Hands (Pecan Grove Press, 2014). He has taught at many universities/workshops for more than 35 years. He moved to Jerusalem in 2012. Find out more at
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