Christopher DeGroot

Of Need We Arose: A Cycle of Poems (November 2018)
The Nature of Hypocrisy, Part II (October 2018)
The Nature of Hypocrisy, Part I (September 2018)
A Just Representation (September 2018)
Prejudice vs. Diversity: An Untimely Case for Classical Conservatism (July 2018)
Feminism's Doctrinal Injustice (June 2018)
A.C. Graylng: Master of Shallowness and Naiveté (May 2018)
Toxic Masculinity in the City of Brotherly Love (May 2018)
The Case for Cultural Appropriation (April 2018)
The Nature of Ingratitude (March 2018)
The Left's Puritan Theater (February 2018)
Togetherness and Erring: A Cycle of Poems (February 2018)
Sleeping on a Volcano (December 2017)
Under the Sun: A Cycle of Poems (December 2017)
The Irony of the Diversity Idol: Damore Contra Bogost (November 2017)

Standing Up for Good Sense: A Defense of Amy Wax (October 2107)
Eros and Civilisation (October 2017)
Understanding the Myth of Rape Culture (September 2017)