Eros and Civilization

by Christopher DeGroot (October 2017)

Boy With A Pipe, Pablo Picasso, 1905


I swipe and swipe and swipe,
I say, will no fair lady ever come hither?
At last, having met up for drinks, I sigh:
another dull, entitled vampire—damn you, Tinder!

She had said she reads good books,
but is it really written, Harry Potter?
And look, now she snaps a duck face photo—
oh, to think she’s someone's daughter!

Was it for this I slaved at work?
For this, such debt and two degrees?
2 am, alone with a scotch and porn,
and no young slut between my knees!



Christopher DeGroot is a columnist at Taki’s Magazine. His writing appears frequently in New English Review. Be a team player: share it and follow him @CEGrotius.

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