Jeffrey Burghauser

My Psychiatrist & On a Certain Clergyman (September 2020)
Three Poems (August 2020)
Two Ghazals (July 2020)
Three Ghazals (June 2020)
Three Ghazals (May 2020)
Three Ghazals (April 2020)
Three Ghazals (March 2020)
Not That It Does Me Much Good & The Seafarer (February 2020)
Two Sonnets (January 2020)
Two Sonnets (December 2019)
Two Sonnets (November 2019)
Three Academic Poems (October 2019)
Ars Poetica & The Poem Addresses its Own Translator (September 2019)
The Prodigy (August 2019)
A School Exercise (July 2019)
On Married Love (June 2019)
A Threnody for My Grandfather & On Bouguereau's Pietá (May 2019)
Three Bucolics (April 2019)
An Angel, a Snake & Ovid (March 2019)
Knowledge and Paraklausithyron (February 2019)
Ashokan Farewell (January 2019)
Two Sonnets (December 2018)
Two Stoics (November 2018)
Two Sonnets (October 2018)
Suburban Monody and Eclogue (September 2018)
Six Short Poems (August 2018)
But His Mind Climbed Up and More (July 2018)
Under Low Cliffs and Two More (June 2018)
Little Birdie and Or In the Mind (May 2018)
Wracked and God Help Me (April 2018)
Appalachian Still Life and Each (March 2018)
On a Verse from the Dead Sea Scrolls (February 2018)
Ideas and My (January 2018)
Rereading and After William-Adolphe Bourguereau (December 2017)
Home and When (November 2017)