Under the Sun: A Cycle of Poems

by Christopher DeGroot (December 2017)

Music, Gustav Klimt, 1895

Old Dream 
Bizarre as history,
here you are
old dream come
to tear the truth out
from its hateful home.
Relent a little,
O my soul,
let compassion flow.

Oh No

Oh no, oh no, oh no no no!
Neither will they do what you won’t do.

Oh no, oh no, oh no no no!
That force carries love, you know.

Oh no, oh no, oh no no no!
Upon your feet

Just This Thought

Just this thought                                                                                                                           
on this night
in this world.
Just this thought
(witness to my confinement,
my passion to believe).
Give to me
that intrepid resolve,
that knowing look,
that clear-eyed vision.
Let me be the one,
the only one
to justify
your part
in the spectacle,
the freedom
you get
from tragedy.
Let me be the one,
the only one
strong enough,
what some say
weak enough,
to believe
your wants
mean more
than my own.
For this alone—
as all know well—
for this alone—
witness the love of God—
for this alone—
we cannot speak of how much this means.

for him
You are home in your sadness, father.      
I am home
in memory.
Whom do we praise?

This tenderness brings to knees,
and we know
we know
to praise.


I praise also your sadness, father.
Praise me. Know me. I am home.

A Forgiveness

A pellucidness impresses,
   and then you bind and become
             greater as you unfurl.

         Greater than my praise in words.


                 A blazon I can touch.
      To my life a forgiveness, you give a new retina
                          in trust.

 Issuing and glorious, redolent and resonant.
                                        I must.


Christopher DeGroot—essayist, poet, aphorist, and satirist—is a writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His writing appears regularly in New English Review, where he is a contributing editor, and occasionally in The Iconoclast, its daily blog. He is also a popular columnist at Taki's Magazine. Compositions in progress include a novel, a collection of epigrams and aphorisms, a book of poetry, and a few satires. You can follow his work at @CEGrotius.

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