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Esmerelda Weatherwax contributes regularly to The Iconoclast, our Community Blog. Click here to see all her contributions, on which comments are welcome. 

The Making of Anti-Muslim Protest – Grassroots Activism in the English Defence League February 2016

Pubs with a Saintly Name October 2013

So Why Tower Hamlets? This is Why. September 2013

Church Ale – Pub signs with an ecclesiastical theme May 2013

 Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Church - Doing God in the Middle East March 2013

Serendipity - the American chapel at St Mary the Virgin, Little Easton. February 2013

Bicycle riding in Dorchester January 2013

Laura Norder - pub signs with a legal theme December 2012

The West Ham Mega-Mosque - latest plans submitted October 2012

Why Are the EDL Going to Walthamstow Shortly? August 2012

Strike Hard, Strike Sure July 2012

The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury - Danny Lockwood May 2012

Creatures Exotic and Not April 2012

The Attack Within by Elwyn Jones -
the parallels with Hitler and Islam, and 1939 and 2012  March 2012

Never Judge a Book by its Mother  February 2012

Suggestions for a New Years Eve January 2012

The Niqab and the Kneecap  December 2011

One for the Rat November 2011

A Pearly Harvest Festival - October 2011

Welcome to Tower Hamlets September 2011

The Spectator debate - Secularism is a greater threat to Christianity than IslamJuly 2011

I spy - animals June 2011

Stuck in the Middle Ages With You  May 2011

Clocking Off. April 2011 

Dagenham - The times they are a changing. March 2011 

I have this thing buttoned up; but I don't think it's art. February 2011

Crowns Roses and Britannia    January 2011

The Holly and the Ivy December 2010

Will we yet see the return of the Wilfrids? November 2010

Many Green Men and One Green Lady October 2010

Beep - beep! September 2010

Work, Rest and Play - By Golly it does you goodAugust 2010

Give Saint George some fighting room. July 2010

Julian of Norwich an English mystic  June 2010

A Review of "I Am Nujood, aged 10 and Divorced" May 2010

A Siblinghood of Personkind  April 2010

The Kings and Queens of England   March 2010

Don't Talk. Eat!   February 2010

The Fourth Wise Man January 2010

Whitehall Act of Remembrance with March for England  December 2009

More Inn signs - Notable ships and those who sailed in them. November 2009

Veterans, Victoria Crosses and Degrees of Separation. October 2009

Leafy Loughton  September 2009

Inn Signs of England August 2009

Zulu in the Flea Pit    July 2009

Pirate Radio - teenage memories.   May 2009

Hannah Shah. The Imam's daughter   April 2009

When the Saints Come In In March March 2009

Age of Majority - February 2009

Farewell to Woolworths - you were well worth it!  January 2009

Last Voices of a Generation December 2008

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness  November 2008

Do Not Forward This - Not a Joke    October 2008

Labyrinths are (a)mazing   September 2008

Big Kid or Kidult?  August 2008

A Salute To Israel At 60 July 2008

The Lightbulb Changers are going out all over England   June 2008

Not the Mothers of Invention, but some inventions for a wife and mother   May 2008

All White in Barking April 2008

Crime, fantasy and 'Tragic Real Life' March 2008
The Future In The Face Of Militant Islam  (Feb. 2008)

A Year in the Life of an English Oak (Jan. 2008)

Planning a Mosque?   December 2007

There's no Smoke Without Spin     November 2007

Pocahontas in England    October 2007

How do you start a pudding race?  September 2007.

Kwouk Quirke   August 2007

Lucky underpants and other musings  (July 2007)

The Mega Mosque Unravels a Little More (June 2007)

nleash .

Unleash the inner nerd.  May 2007 


The Iron Snake by John Gaudet A review   April 2007 


Return to Waltham Forest   March 2007 


Stop acting the goat, a succession of shaggy goat stories. (Feb. 2007)

The Fourth Wise Man (Jan. 2007)

Christmas Past (Dec. 2006)

In This House of Rye - Rumer Godden at Lamb House (Nov. 2006)

Reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the District Line  (October 2006)

Oranges and Lemons (Sept. 2006)

Hey, Diddle, Diddle, the Cat Goddess and the Sistrum (Aug. 2006)


Like a Duck to Water (July 2006)
Is this the Way to Armadillo?">Is this the Way to Armadillo? (June 2006)
Photo Essay: Rochester Sweeps Festival May Day 2006

 Julian of Norwich (March 1, 2006)


Esmerelda Weatherwax contributes regularly to The Iconoclast, our Community Blog.  

Please click here to see all her contributions, on which comments are welcome.