PHILIP HANEY TRIBUTE, 1 Year Anniversary of His Death – Day 1 of a 2 Day Interview from July 2019

Philip Haney, a wonderful friend, strong Christian, and great Patriot standing for God, Family, and Constitution.   A front-line officer, intelligence expert, and founding member of the Department of Homeland Security.  His death was a shock to us all that knew him.  He is also the author of See Something, Say Nothing – A Homeland Security Officer Exposes The Government’s Submission to Jihad.

Retired FBI Special Agent, David J. Baldovin, spent 2 days talking with Philip in July 2019.  We offer some of the conversation here as part 1 of the 2 days (part 2 will be released as well) to share memories and as a remembrance of the special man that we knew and the depth of knowledge he held.


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