Pink Lefties

by Fergus Downie

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Ad hominems are rather bad form in ordinary times. As a rule one should play the ball, not the man, but when it comes to Pat Corcoran it is difficult not to linger on the sordid particulars. The postmodern left have played no small part in embracing the personal as political and when they spend so much time dragging the sublime into the dust it is only fair to repay the compliment. Those who signal virtue should have clean hands and be careful where they throw stones. 

Antifa as is well known is a largely malnourished androgynous outfit full of anaemic kidults unable to escape the warm comfort of their parents and having sported so many child-like eloi it is hardly a surprise a predator has been on the lookout for easy meat. In saner times an Irish pederast would have had to put the work in. Mercifully for the duller ones you can get pretty close without a theology degree now and is this forbidden pleasure not in some way the predictable cul de sac that avant garde nihilism leads us into?

The flesh crawling sixties student rebel icon Cohn Bendit thought it was worth questioning a few taboos in his twilight and what is one to expect when a putrid sentimentalisation of children has been substituted for adult moral authority?