PODCAST : Syria Russia Refugees Plan, Israel under Jihad attack, #States Can Sue Obama

Listen to the podcast of the Sunday, October 18, 2015 Lisa Benson Radio for National Security. Our guests were: Maj . Gen. Paul Vallely, US Army (ret.), Chairman of Stand Up America, Shmuel Oliven, a resident of Jerusalem Israel and Pam Brown, Captain of the Dallas, Texas team of the National Security Task Force of America.

General Paul Valley, had just returned from a fact-finding mission and a liaison activity to represent the views of the Free Syrian Army in the Syrian war zone to European and Russian leaders representing the non-government organization (NGO) Stand Up America US (SUA), the Legacy National Security Advisory Group, and the Syrian Opposition Liaison Group (SOLG, an SUA Project).

The two city visit began in Vienna where they met with leaders to gauge firsthand what the people of Europe are facing as well as the status of the refugees and their overall plight.

From Vienna, the delegation team traveled to Paris to conduct meetings, hold a press conference on their findings, and address their Syrian Refugee and Resettlement plan.

In Paris the delegation met with Mr. Mikhail L. Bogdanov, the Special Representative of the President of Russian Federation for the Middle East and Syria. Bogdanov is also the Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.  The meetings were held at the Russian Embassy in Paris. They reviewed the situation in Syria and discussed a proposed plan presented by the NGO.

Gen. Vallely when queried about what he observed of the stream of refugees they encountered in reception centers in Vienna observed that 7 out of 10 were healthy, well dressed young men between the ages of 20 to 30. He estimated that perhaps 20 percent of them were possible ISIS infiltrators.

The NGO plan for resolving the Syrian Refugee impasse discussed with Special Representative Bogdanov of the Russian Federation had eight recommendations:

  • The current Syrian Government Officials (including Assad) must resign from office and will be replaced by an interim government; Parliament and President representing all Syrians and religious groups. New government will plan for future elections to take place
  • All Syrians and Christians will be returned to the homeland through Mediterranean (Latakia/Tartus) and Turkish passage zones
  • Western Syria territory will be secured and declared the Syrian Resettlement Zone for all Syrian refugees now located in Europe, Jordon and Turkey. The safe zone will be secured by established Syrian Forces and Free Syrian Army working together with Russian, Turkish, Jordan and US Security Forces
  • The following countries will form a coalition group to destroy ISIS in Eastern Syria and Northern Iraq
    • Russia, Jordon, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, United States, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Egypt
  • After ISIS is destroyed and removed from occupied areas, Syrians will be relocated back to their villages and towns. The Syrian Redevelopment and reconstruction plan will be initiated to ensure Syria’s return to a prosperous and developed nation. The following countries will commit to be a member of the Syrian Redevelopment plan:
    • Russia, Germany, England, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Iran
  • Timeline Objectives for execution of this plan will be planned and executed within the next 60 days. First planning conference to be established and set for October 20th in Vienna, Istanbul, Paris or Moscow.
  • Plan implementation to begin NLT November 1, 2015. No time to delay. Expeditious execution of plan is vital to Refugees and affected European and Middle East Countries.
  • Refugees will be vetted to ensure all ISIS members and sympathizers are removed from the groups and isolated and secured in designated areas until rehabilitated.

Shmuel Oliven spoke of the resolve of Israelis caught in an intifada encompassing the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria, east Jerusalem and throughout Israel:

  • He assured the listeners that while the attacks continued, the pace had begun to level off. That was notwithstanding a dramatic attack in the central bus station in Beersheba where the Arab jihadist was met with massive resistance, and while shot and killed, the Israeli he knifed was killed;
  • He indicated that Israelis were in the many determined to combat an eventually subdue this onslaught.
  • When asked about security in his vicinity he indicated that the government had placed physical barriers separating East Jerusalem from other areas of Israel’s capital, but he felt that the Netanyahu government had slow to respond to the requests of Mayor Nir Barkat, who had foiled an Islamist knifing in February 2015.
  • Elian discussed the difficult situation regarding incitement by Israeli Arab members of the Knesset and Sheik Raed Salah who have riled up communities to engage in lethal attacks on Israeli Jews as well as propounded the blood libel that “Al Aksa Mosque was in danger”, a total fabrication by the PA leadership  and leading Imams.
  • That Israeli police and IDF soldiers had standing orders to shoot to kill against such attackers, and in one instance discussed with host Lisa Benson, a female IDF soldier was interviewed who when attacked said she had no choice but to shot her attacker with her rifle.
  • Israel’s new UN Ambassador, Danny Danon interviewed on Fox News drew attention to the PA using graphic images on social media and in posters urging youths and children to kill Jews. He noted that one 13 year old attacker knifed a 13 year old Israeli boy on a bicycle multiple times.
  • Lisa Benson expressed disappointment that members of the Arizona Congressional delegation did not express their disapproval of State Department and White House criticism of Israel for alleged “excessive force”.

Pam Brown Captain of the Dallas National Security Task Force of America discussed the launch of the #StatesCanSueObama twitter campaign in Texas on the cusp of President Obama signing an executive order today on Adoption Day of the UN-endorsed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that starts the implementation phase culminating in the release of $100 billion in sequestered funds under existing sanctions.  The Texas NSTFA has retweeted Governor Abbott, Attorney General Paxton and all 125 State Legislators urging them to bring suit against Obama over his mishandling of the Iran nuclear pact.

  • Co-host Jerry Gordon presented the background on the ability of more 30 states who had enacted state sanctions under the 2010 Iran sanctions laws, in the opinion of Washington, DC constitutional litigator, David B. Rivkin, Jr.,  have standing to bring suit in federal courts against the President on his mishandling of the Iran nuclear pact.
  • He noted 14 states whose Republican Governors had sent a letter to President Obama on September 8th, referencing provisions of the JCPOA silence of the standing of state Iran sanction laws and their resolve of keeping those provisions in force.
  • Brown discussed how her NSTFA team had retweeted messages to Texas Governor Abbott, Attorney General Paxton and 125 state legislators urging them to join other states asserting their rights  to bring such an action in Federal court.