Police Attacked with Cleaver in Manhattan, Suspect Shot

Yes this sounds like another Muslim in a frenzy as reported in the NYPost:

Cops shot a man wielding a meat cleaver outside Penn Station during the evening rush on Thursday when he attacked an off-duty detective who’d jumped in to help his fellow officers, sources told The Post.

The shooting happened around 5 p.m. at West 32nd Street and Seventh Avenue near Madison Square Garden.

Uniformed cops had been called to the area to pursue the man with the cleaver, who was upset because his car had gotten a boot on West 30th Street and Broadway. When the suspect refused to drop his weapon, a sergeant stepped in and tasered him, law enforcement sources said.

A struggle ensued, and an off-duty detective who’d stepped in to assist the cops was struck in the head with the cleaver, according to the sources.

The officers opened fired, hitting the suspect multiple times, the sources said. A bullet grazed one of the officers in the back, sources said. A third officer was also injured in the chaos, according to sources.

The off-duty detective, who works in the 19th Precinct, was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he’s undergoing surgery.

Two other injured officers were taken to Bellevue Hospital as well. The suspect, who was described by sources as an “emotionally disturbed person,” was also taken to the medical center, and is in critical condition.

“We heard the gun shots and saw all these cops running and then we all ducked down and went into lockdown mode,” said Franchesca Benitez, manager at clothing store Mandees.

“I heard at least four shots very quickly one after another. I saw a cop running with a taser and cars speeding.”