Police ‘covered up’ failings on child sex cases

Three very disturbing articles in The Times this morning. They are behind the paywall so I cannot repeat much here.  One heartening minor point is the comments; criticising the Times for two things. One despite being the newspaper that broke the atrocity in the first place they still tiptoe round the one thing that unites the rape gangs, ie their islamic ideology. And a mention to the work done by groups and individuals pilloried for being ‘right wing’ or racists for making the scale of these crimes better known.

It is true that statistically other religions and all major ethnicities commit crimes including sex crimes. What is different about the islamic gangs is their joint venturing, and their failure to see anything wrong. I know from my own time in the Court Service that a British or European sex offender or paedophile has to be careful as he identifies like minded perverts with whom he can work or swap gloats. They are furtive. They have ways to locate each other; one colleague insisted a pointer was their socks. She wasn’t completely joking either. But many have been caught because their sense of who was a like-minded pervert was wrong and they were reported. 

The Islamic gangs are following a different mind set. Generations of razzia, dhimmitude, taking the possessions of their right hand give those so inclined a sense of entitlement. They don’t have to send out arcane signals to find an accomplice; they have their brothers, their cousins (many, many cousins to the nth degree) their cronies at the taxi office, the kebab shop, the mosque and the shisha bar. That is the difference, and what makes the Islamic rape gangs a crime and menace apart. 

Back to the Times. Police ‘covered up’ failings on child sex cases

The police force at the centre of the Rotherham abuse scandal is among several accused of trying to cover up internal reports criticising their handling of child sexual abuse cases.

Nine months after The Times sent freedom of information (FOI) requests for the intelligence reports to all 45 of the UK’s territorial police forces, South Yorkshire police and 12 others have refused to disclose them.

Other forces such as the Metropolitan Police attempted to redact significant amounts of their reports but accidentally disclosed them in full. 

Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham, said: “South Yorkshire police need to rebuild trust and that is through transparency. I am therefore very concerned that they are not being forthcoming with this information.”

Hertfordshire police attempted to redact a statement that there was “little evidence of the exploiters being investigated”.

The Metropolitan Police attempted to redact a section on “intelligence gaps” from its 2016 report, including that “the suspect field was blank in a quarter of offences making it difficult to provide an accurate figure for the number of perpetrators of CSE and their characteristics”.

A 2016 report on policing in London found that in one in four cases the suspect field was blank. It also described frustrations over “thresholds to accept an investigation being too high”.

I am sure that there is abuse in London. Eight million people – how can there not be? Of the few cases I have heard of several involved a girl from the suburbs being trafficked further out into Hertfordshire, Essex and Suffolk. 

Among the forces that failed to provide their reports was Thames Valley police, where 21 men were charged as part of investigations into a child sexual abuse ring in Oxford over the past decade. 

Other intelligence gaps included the role of social media and key information about victims including their ethnicity, and whether they had learning disabilities or were LGBT+.

Typical,highly recommended comment: Stop calling them ‘Asian grooming gangs’. We all know the ideology to which the attackers subscribe
Reply:  Too many euphemisms and not enough action

Police ‘failing to protect’ thousands of girls at risk of sexual abuse

Ten years after The Times exposed grooming gangs in Rotherham, children as young as 11 are still slipping through the system. South Yorkshire, which is responsible for Rotherham, cited “highly sensitive information” in its refusal to co-operate. 

Figures disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act show that since 2018 West Yorkshire police have recorded more than 5,500 cases of children going missing while believed to be at risk of sexual abuse. One of these children, whose identity cannot be revealed, was reported missing 197 times. 

Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham, where mass offending by grooming gangs was exposed, said: “Going missing is the main early warning sign. Given police know this, the fact that some children are still going missing this often is shameful.”

A highly rated comment: What does society expect when it tolerates and protects an external culture that sees others as lesser beings to be exploited.

This is so important I wish it was more readily available. 

Girls groomed and filmed but attackers avoid justice

In video footage on her phone, Sarah is seen being sexually exploited by a group of men. The camera follows the teenager, who has learning disabilities, while the men can be heard laughing and taunting her.

Social services suspected that she had been sexually exploited by older men since the age of 13. Last year, she was reported missing repeatedly from her foster placement. On one occasion she was found with an older man in possession of drugs. They were both arrested for county lines-related offences.

Social services formally asked the police to prevent one of her abusers from seeing her but nothing was immediately done. Sarah subsequently began to invite friends with her to houses and parties run by older men, also putting them at risk of abuse.

“The police labelled her a groomer,” Minny said. “But this was probably just a 16-year-old girl trying to protect herself by surrounding herself with people who weren’t a threat to her.”

*Some names have been changed to protect the victims

There are half a dozen heart-breaking cases precised there. I take hope from the comments that public opinion is aware and changing. But not quickly enough. .

When men born abroad are convicted of this make sure they lose their right to remain. There is an enabling or frightened family behind the perpetrators.

Apparently it’s no longer necessary to identify the ethnicity of the groomers because we all know anyway.

Many see what’s going on, feel frustrated that they cannot speak about it openly for fear of being accused of hatred or bigotry, and get very angry. That anger then has to find some outlet. Unless we can have an open discussion about this and other problems, this is a powder keg waiting to blow. The anger doesn’t magically disappear by silencing everyone.


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  1. Why the continuing atrocious sophistry inherent in the continuing use of euphemism ‘grooming gangs?’ Is the definitional term ‘religious rapists’ too explicit for the public’s delicate sensibilities? Is ‘Muslim Rapist Mobs’ inaccurate, too outrageous, or not as comprehensive as ‘grooming gangs?’
    Is the acronym AAFFMM, Allah-Approved Forced Fornication Muslim Mobsters, unsuitable because the class of victims is not named? /
    It’s a crying shame that figures like Tommy Robinson must bear the now deadweight of British morality.

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