Police shoot ‘knifeman’ in Belgium just minutes after London terror attack

From Metro

Police in Belgium have shot a man who reportedly stabbed two people. According to Russia Today the attacker is female; other sources also say male. 

According to Belgian news site HLN, a dark-skinned woman attacked two passers-by with a knife on the Bevrijdingslaan street in central Ghent. The woman reportedly stabbed one of her victims in the stomach. Armed police officers neutralized the woman with a gunshot to the hand, and she was taken into custody.

This attack happened just minutes after police in London shot a man dead after several people were stabbed in Streatham. According to Belgian newspaper HLN, the suspect was injured by officers in Ghent, a major city in northwest Belgium.

An investigation has been opened, and the East Flanders Public Prosecutor’s Office has declined to comment at time of writing. In scenes similar to those in London, police in Ghent have cordoned off the Bevrijdingslaan, and emergency services are securing the area.