Pray to Allah or drown, Muslims ordered Christians

The Times has some more details of the drowning of the Christian migrants heading to Italy by the Muslims also in the illegal trafficing boat. The boat started to deflate so one of the Christians, a boy from Nigeria started to pray. Muslim Nigerians started to criticise him. 

‘They told him that they would throw him overboard if he didn’t stop praying to God,” he said, according to La Repubblica. The aggressors added: “Here we pray only to Allah.” They started shouting, two pushed the lad and he fell in the sea and drowned.’ The Muslims then “went mad”, shouting “Allah is great” and began to attack migrants who had tried to defend the boy, it was alleged.

As a total of 12 migrants were thrown overboard, other Christians formed a human chain and resisted the attackers by clinging to the dinghy. . . Police in Italy arrested 15 suspects, including Ousmane Camara, 21, from the Ivory Coast, who was identified by a wound to his big toe received when a migrant he threw overboard bit him.

There are also details of another boat that landed in Italy that contained migrants who had been badly burned when a gas canister exploded in the warehouse where they had been held prior to embarkation. The survivors were just thrown on the boat two or three days later with no treatment. One woman died on the boat, others suffered from the effects of sun and salt on their burns.

 Carlotta Sami, a spokeswoman for the UN said “I have never before seen cruelty like this,” 

The UN said that 23,500 migrants had sailed to Italy this year, in addition to 12,000 who had sailed to Greece, with 950 drowning. 

That’s a small town already, and it’s only April. How can it be stopped?


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  1. The global community recently supported the expulsion of European whites from many countries of Africa. To be fair, the whites could return to Europe. But to force Europe to accept a large number of culturally hostile Africans and Arabs seems ridiculous. This can permanently destroy the countries of Europe. Italy is basically a tribal nation state. They had to back out of Libya, and they don’t hurt anyone else, but they are allowed to be Italians in Italy. Now, anyone who wants to push their way in can destroy it? This is insanity!

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