Prime Driver

by Carl Nelson

Have the world’s events of late seemed coordinated? Covid restrictions, Climate Change orthodoxies, agricultural disruptions, vaccination mandates, global protocols… it’s as if they were all streaming from some central authority.

The author, Daniel Judd, names this authority in his recently published book: “Gates of Hell / Why Bill Gates is the Most Dangerous Man in the World.” If the title makes it sound a vitriolic hack-job, well, the inside is calmly convincing. Reserve a pike for this head. Perhaps we should get a little vitriolic, too.

Engagingly written and soundly sourced, this book can make for a very dispiriting gift to be placed in any stocking. I highly recommend it to any Grinch of a MAGA disposition (or otherwise). It’s about time someone knocked some sense into Whoville, USA. And why not this Christmas?

What Bill Gates ultimately plans for us, is the same experience any newly designed ‘smart’ tool intends, and that is to replace, as much as is possible, all individual human agency. Think of a newly designed EV which not only drives itself, but tells you where you can go, how far you can go, when you can go, and what you can do when you get there, and, if it’s heading out for dinner – what there is to eat? (Well, it’s bugs! Again… over, and again.) Think of Bill Gates as that ‘smart’ car.

Through hybrid (private-governmental) philanthropies of a bewildering (but networked) sort, Bill Gates has managed to double his wealth since promising to give it all away, twenty-some years ago. With a clever use of matching governmental funds for philanthropic projects and shrewd acquisition of corporate providers, Gates, (and a host of other mimicking globalists) are managing to siphon off government wealth while enlarging their own with can’t fail business strategies secured on the governmental largess. (Did you just see that disappear? That was your retirement fund. It’s now a useless wind vane, or a harmful vaccine, or a buzzing genetically engineered mosquito, a hi-tech shit filter, or a nearby former independently run farm.)

For $8.3 million dollars of Covid lobbying, the Gates’ funded health organizations received billions of dollars in acquired funding. Not only did this return Gates’ a windfall from pharmaceutical investments, but with his seized control of global public health policy, he could literally command the lives of a fair number of the world’s inhabitants… and figuratively turn us all into smart cars.

Read all about it …while you can.