Prize Christmas Quiz – Final Part


Happy New Year to all.

Having had you puzzle over deaths on Boxing Day I thought that I should end this Prize Quiz with half a dozen questions about new beginnings.

The new I’ve chosen is the start of new lives in the relationship of marriage. All the marriages in the following six questions took place on a first of January.

1) What did Bermuda Hundred have to do with a third who was the wife of a third?

2) Who connects Vesuvius, Ned Myers and a Susan?

3) This marriage took place on New Year’s Day in AD 2001:

(a) What did Saint Mary Magdalene have to do with this three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

(b) What did his wife do for a living when he first met her?

4)  What has Ara Marie Cristine Reyes-Khatibi to do with the wife – who founded the Hijas de la Revolución, the ‘Daughters of the Revolution’ – of the first and youngest of a first?

5) What is the middle name of the most successful GUI designer who got married on the forty-second largest island of the USA and what is his wife’s middle name?

6) Who did the Nobilissima Puella (‘Most Noble Girl’) marry on the first of January in AD 414 in the town where the Via Domitia connected with the Via Aquitania? Also, what is the modern name of the town?

That’s all folks!

I hope you’ve been challenged and entertained by this festive season’s prize quiz.

I’ll publish all the answers on the day after the deadline for entries along with the notification of the winner(s).

All entries are to be sent to [email protected] and I must receive them by midnight on Thursday the tenth of January, AD 2019, USA Central Standard Time.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their answers to the previous five parts. I look forward to your last set of answers, Everything you’ve sent so far has been safely stored.




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