Prize Christmas Quiz – Part Three


If you missed them you can find Part One by clicking this link and Part Two by clicking this link.

It’s Christmas Eve and traditionally carols are sung. We’ve all sung them, or heard them, since we were little children, but how well do you actually know your carols? Let’s see how many of the following questions you can answer without recourse to your hymnal or song book (or a well known search engine).

1) When the cattle lowed what didn’t Jesus do?

2) After you’ve struck the harp what else are you supposed to do?

3) When you’ve risen there are two more things that you’re instructed to do. What are they?

4) What appeared in flesh?

5) What did they want in a cup?

6) What did the angels touch when they bent?

7) What came from the east and was given to the earth?

8) Who quaked?

9) How many pipers piping?

10) What was The Dayspring exhorted to do?

11) What did the bark taste of?

12) What should be swungen?

13) (a) What was offered and (b) what was mine?

14) In order, name all the carols used in the previous questions.

There will be answers to every part of the quiz after the New Year.

There will be a small prize for the first person, drawn at random, who correctly answers all, or the most, questions in the whole quiz and emails me their answers to

[email protected] .

You may email your answers to each section as you finish it or save them all up and email me the lot when the quiz is complete, so don’t lose your answers in the meantime.

Even if you don’t manage to answer every question, or think that you might have got some wrong answers, do still join in and send me your entry – you might still win.

In the spirit of Christmas I’ll tell you what the small prize is on Christmas Day, tomorrow that is – after all, one shouldn’t open one’s presents early.

Merry Christmas.