Propaganda For Children as German Elite Unites to Condemn PEGIDA

From Breitbart London

The taxpayer-funded German state broadcaster has released a colourful children’s cartoon animation criticising anti-Islamisation movement PEGIDA, as German politicians, the mainstream media, the arts, and the Church unite to pour scorn on the Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA).

The group, which has instigated a series of weekly ‘strolls’ in the tradition of the East German citizens who employed non-violent resistance against the former communist regime which collapsed in 1989, has found itself the target for scorn from the centre-left ruling elite in the past few weeks. Starting as a movement calling for an end to the Islamisation of Europe, the banners and themes present at the strolls are as diverse as opposition to mass immigration, opposition to unlimited asylum applications, and calls for peace with Russia.

West German taxpayer funded television network ZDF has released a short film and a number of web pages through its youth-channel ZDFtivi to educate children about the political movement.

The state broadcaster made little apparent effort to present any form of neutrality over the report, which is entitled “Together Against PEGIDA”. Using brightly coloured cartoons, ZDFtivi helpfully informs its young audience that “the majority of Germans do not support the opinions of PEGIDA”. Describing what ZDF understands the average PEGIDA member to be like, the short film says: “Some of them are unhappy. They are either unemployed, or earn very little money. They fear that immigrants will take away jobs from Germans. . . 

The video links to another page on the children’s website which offers a definition the meaning of the term ‘right-wing’, again using simple language and bright colours. It describes right-wingers as people who are”of the opinion that not all people are of equal worth…  They hate people with a different skin colour or religion”. To reinforce the point, the text is accompanied by a picture of Adolph Hitler.

The first marches of the year will take place tonight all over Germany, with cadet groups in addition to the founding Dresden movement taking to the streets in twenty cities. Cologne cathedral has announced its intention to follow the example of the Bavarian State Opera by turning its lights off for the duration of the local stroll, which follows the condemnation of the movement by the Protestant bishop of Dresden.

The movement will hold its first march in Berlin tonight, but is expected to be outnumbered by a counter-protest co-hosted by a coalition of anti-fascists and migrant Turks living in the capital.

Reading reports of this evening’s strolls, the English speaking press says that the numbers in Dresden were the highest yet, but mostly ‘press liars’ like the Independent prefer to concentrate on how Antifa and the Turks outnumbered the patriots in Cologne and obstructed their progress in Berlin. At the Telegraph, at a rare report allowing comments, a German commenter is of the opinion that the violence of Antifa is detering Germans incities other than Dresden from strolling. At Deutsche Welle an un-named opinion writer is wringing his hands over xenophobia with the information that “At least 30 percent of all Germans say PEGIDA’s concerns are legitimate.”

And whether in the UK, in Germany or elsewhere in Europe the elite in power is very afraid. 


2 Responses

  1. I hope they keep it up. I PRAY that they keep it up.
    This really does feel, to me, like an idea whose time has come. I can almost hear Tolkien’s horn call of Buckland blowing – “Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake!’

    I would encourage those among the PEGIDA movement who are Christians to take their rosaries along, if they are Catholics, and *use* them; and if Protestant, their Bibles and their Lutheran prayerbooks – and hymn books.

    This is about ‘reclaiming the land’ (I observe, by the by, that the same people who are getting so very het up about these demonstrations – among which, prior to Christmas, **Christmas carols** were sung – have never uttered a peep about all the menacing massed mohammedan male threat displays aka muslim ‘prayers’ that have been aggressively blocking and taking possession of streets and squares all over Europe in the past ten years. )

    So all among PEGIDA who are Christian should make a point of singing and praying – something that dhimmis, in Muslim lands, are not permitted to do in public. And I’d encourage everyone – whether Christian or not – to bring along little bells to ring, because the ringing of bells is also forbidden by the sharia).

    If people are afraid to go to a rally and ‘stroll’ in a big town, because ofAntifa, they could do it in the smaller towns and villages, one by one by one; and at those smaller rallies, everyone could take their dogs along, properly leashed. Go promenading with their dogs in the evening. If little rallies and walks started happening ‘all over’, at village and suburban level, it would be much harder to track it and the Antifa brownshirts would be going crazy trying to choose amidst a multiplicity of targets (also, I bet the antifa would think twice before tackling, say, a crowd of thirty large German farmers in a country village somewhere, each of whom had brought his big dog along).

    the next big Catholic feast day is Candlemass. Now *that* would be a good excuse for big rallies and processions.

    My advice to folks in the UK would be to think about how the practice of ‘beating the bounds’ might be revived and then used to physically, psychologically and spiritually reclaim Infidel ‘turf’. And non-dhimmified Christians can look up the practice of ‘prayer walking’, if they are not already doing it.

  2. Pursuant to my previous comment. I have just spent my entire evening reading through those many, many Comments at the ‘Telegraph’.


    The fools, dhimmis, Useful idiots and other Defenders of Islam – many of whom were, I suspect, Muslims in masks; though I observed that there were no persons posting under declared Muslim monikers – were far outnumbered by the Islamosavvy. There were, of course, a number of truly vile Jew-haters trying to represent the Jooooz as being responsible for 1400 years of global Muslim jihad, etc, and for all our present ills and then some; but they were generally getting slapped down by sensible people. And along the way there were comments from Germans, and comments from a number of people who were sharing their experiences of Muslims (most, unpleasant) and giving warnings.

    It was fascinating. I do have a sense of a tipping point approaching. The level of awareness and focus among the Islamosavvy posters is perceptibly greater than it was, say, five years ago, or even two years ago.

    Things are going to go right down to the wire, but…I think there is hope.

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