Qanta Ahmed: How Everything I Observed Was Mis-Represented On Australia’s Weekend Sunrise

Qanta Ahmed had worked in Israel with Jewish and Arab doctors in Project Rozana, and hoped to make that project better known. She tells about what happened to her at the hands of Weekend Surnise, a program on Australia’s Channel Seven, and about the sinister role played by “Iman,” an Egyptian Muslim woman, a producer at Channel  Seven, who presented herself to Qanta Ahmed as a sympathetic confidante, one just as interested in promoting the same things. Then came the program, and Qanta Ahmed’s anguish at the viciousness of it all: the ambush, the set-up, the cruel deliberate distortion, the interspersed clips designed to malign Israel at every turn when she, Qanta Ahmed, had observed directly, had taken part in, an entirely different thing, and then found that this Australian producer, “Iman,” and Iman’s willing collaborators at this program (Morning Sunrise) on this channel (Seven), in this country (Australia), had turned her truth into its exact opposite, and she, Qanta Ahmed, is still shaking at her experience, and thank god she decided to write about it,  here.

This is the kind of piece that should be reprinted all over the place. Because, you see, this kind of thing happens all over the place. Has CBS yet apologized for the grotesque coverage of Bob Simon on “the fate of Christians under Israeli rule”? Has the BBC been made to account for its decades of pro-PLO anti-Israel coverage, that continues to this day? Push back. Don’t, any more, let anything get by.



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