Questions, Questions, Questions!


Today is Christmas Sunday and the Feast of the Holy Family, as well as New Year’s Eve. So, as you raise glass in celebration of having survived another turbulent year I thought you might all enjoy another five questions in my seasonal quiz. Answers, as usual, will be on Twelfth Night.

You can find the first twenty-one questions in this quiz here at NER and the five questions posted on the last Sunday of Advent, Christmas Eve that was, also here at NER. The Christmas Day questions can be found on this page.

Please remember that all the answers have something to do with Christmas.


(1)  What does a “thief of the tree” have to do with Christmas?

(2)  What did Sir John Horsley do for Sir Henry Cole in AD1843?

(3)  Which royal personage first used a Christmas tree in the UK?

(4)  What did a saint do in AD1223?

(5)  What was the fourteenth President of the USA the first to do?