Radical western Sydney preacher delivers warning to people who attack Islam

From the Australian Daily Telegraph

A controversial Bankstown preacher has been referred to the police after delivering a fiery sermon on Friday claiming those who attack Islam will be “met with men who love death”.

Vision of the sermon reveals the preacher, who goes by the names Abu Ousayd and Wissam Haddad, telling the congregation at Bankstown’s Al Madina Dawah Centre that Islam is “peaceful, but there is a limit.”

“Muslims are being killed, oppressed, at the hands of the worshippers of cows, rats and monkeys. If you attack Allah, if you attack our prophet, our religion and our fellow brothers and sisters, and if you attack our lands, you are going to be met with men who love death more than you love life,” he said, calling on followers to be “worshippers by night and warriors by day.”

Mr Ousayd also called on the congregation to follow the example of those who “solved their (problems) with the Koran and the Sunnah (sayings and teachings of Mohammed), not with democracy, not with man made systems, and definitely not with the UN. . . (If you) abandon jihad, Allah will send upon you humiliation and he will not remove it,”

The sermon came just days after the Executive Council of Australian Jewry filed a complaint against Mr Ousayd and another preacher, Sheik Ahmed Zoud, with the Australian Human Rights Commission, asking that previous sermons calling Jews “monsters”, “criminals” and “bloodthirsty” be removed from the internet with an apology.

It can be revealed that the remarks will be investigated by police, with a spokesman for NSW Attorney-General Michael Daley saying, “There is no place in NSW for hate speech or incitement to violence. The NSW Government has urgently referred these latest comments to the NSW Police Force for review.”


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  1. First mad dogs bark
    Then they bite
    The longer you go
    without an anti-rabies shot
    the more likely painful death upcoming
    Is what you’ve got.
    *** The New Rule of Threat Tolerance***
    “One Strike (Threat) and You’re Out”
    ‘Out’ meaning out of all human contact forever.

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