Re: Gay Marriage

I believe the issue is whether our civilization will survive without marriage and the family as its cornerstone. In my lifetime there has been a concerted attack on our primary social institution which, if marriage is destroyed, the family’s disintegration will accelerate and the “atomization” of society will increase. That, or polygamy will become legal (it’s the same argument) and women will have lost thousands of years of slow and painful evolutionary progress. Either way, women and children are the losers.

We can grant those legal advantages to homosexual couples without destroying the institution of marriage by granting them marriage. Polygamy will be next and then our civilization will be completely destroyed. But, I suppose, that is the point.


2 Responses

  1. The African-Americans have been the first clearly identifiable group that has chosen single motherhood with state support over marriage and traditional family and there is nothing anyone has to say to point out the success of that plan.

  2. We now have ‘legal’ homosexual marriage and with it comes other unthinkable consequences. I read today that the partner of Elton John is now the legal “mother” (as stated on the birth certificates) of their adopted children.
    Who, in their right mind, could even contemplate suggesting that the male of the species could ever be a mother? But, I suppose, when it comes to homosexuals and equality the meaning of words is superfluous and, like the Queen of Hearts said, “words mean what I want them to mean”.
    Complete and utter madness.

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