Remembering Diesel, Killed Arresting Jihadis: A Medal from Britain and A Puppy From Russia

Remember ‘Diesel’?  She was the French police dog who was killed in the line of duty as she and her human colleagues raided the hideout of Muslim jihad gangsters after the jihad mass-murders at the cafes and Bataclan concert hall in Paris in mid-November 2015.

Her story was told here at NER

but it did not end there.

A British animal charity decided to give ‘Diesel’ a posthumous medal for gallantry.  As reported toward the end of December 2015.

‘Paris Attacks: Police Dog Killed in Saint-Denis Raids To Receive Posthumous Medal for Gallantry

‘A French police dog killed in a security services raid after the Paris attacks will receive a posthumous medal for gallantry from a British animal charity, it said Monday.

‘Diesel died (rather, was killed – CM) in November [2015] during a police raid on an apartment in a northern suburb of Paris, which killed Abdelhamid Abaaoud – the alleged (sic – CM) mastermind of the attacks in which 130 people died (sic: rather, “were murdered” – CM).

‘The animal’s death led to the hashtag #JeSuisChien (I Am A Dog) trending on Twitter.

I wonder how many of those who used the tag knew that Mohammedans view dogs with absolute contempt and that calling someone a ‘dog’, in Islamic parlance, is a great insult; that Jews and Christians, and others, are frequently called ‘dogs’ by Muslims? – CM

‘The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), said the seven-year-old Belgian shepherd would now receive the Dickin Medal, described as its “supreme honour for gallantry”.

‘The medal was introduced in 1943.  Previous recipients include pigeons which carried messages behind the front lines in World War II, and military dogs which sniffed out Taliban bombs in Afghanistan.

“As guardians of the world’s most prestigious animal awards program, we were inundated by messages from members of the public to recognise [Diesel’s] heroism”, PDSA director-general Jan McLoughlin said.

“The PDSA Dickin Medal recognises conspicuous devotion to duty in the theatre of conflilct and Diesel is a truly deserving recipient”.

And by awarding this medal to a French police dog who was killed in the course of a firefight with a jihadist on the soil of France, they are telling us that right here in the West we are now inhabiting a ‘theatre of conflict’, a war zone; the Dar al Harb, indeed, as we are viewed – and treated – by Mohammedans. – CM

‘A formal ceremony marking the honour will take place next year….”.

Meanwhile the Russians have offered a different kind of memorial: a plump and fuzzy-haired new recruit who will, one hopes, have big enough paws to one day fill Diesel’s place on the front lines of infidel defence against the Jihad.

As reported in late November and early December 2015.

‘Paris Attacks: Russia Sends France a Puppy As Sign of Solidarity After Death of Service Dog Diesel’.

‘Russia has sent France a puppy as a sign of solidarity against terrorism, after French service dog Diesel was killed during an anti-terrorism raid last week…

‘The Russian minister for internal affairs, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, sent a letter to his French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve, offering the puppy as an expression of Russia’s solidarity with France.

‘Mr Kolokoltsev asked the French internal affairs minister to accept the service puppy, named Dobrynia, who he said would grow to take the place of Diesel, “as confirmation of our solidarity with the French police in these troubled days”.

“The puppy will be given [to] France in solidarity with the French people and police in the fight against terrorism”, the Russian interior ministry posted on Facebook.

The puppy was named after the Russian hero Dobrynya, who the Russian interior ministry described as “the personification of strength, kindness, bravery and selflessness”.

‘Dobrynya was the uncle and tutor of Vladimir the Great, and was later fictionalised in Russian folkore as a bogatyr,  or powerful warrior.

A big name for a little pup to live up to… – CM

‘Diesel was killed… when she was sent into an apartment targeted in an anti-terror raid, to “gauge the threat inside”, French news channel BFM-TV reported.

‘Paris police chief Jean-Michel Fauvergue told French newspaper Le Parisien that Diesel “probably saved the lives of policemen who were about to enter”.

‘French police announced Diesel’s death on Twitter, and said the 7 year old service dog had been “indispensable” to the operation…”.

And, Russia having made the offer, France happily accepted it. Whatever our differences, we Infidels, most of us, are united by our love for our dogs and our recognition of the value of the service they offer us. – CM

‘Paris Attacks: France Accepts Russian Puppy Dobrynya To Replace Slain Dog.’

‘Russia has symbolically handed over a puppy to France to replace a police dog called Diesel who was killed during a raid linked to the November 13 [2015] Paris attacks.

‘Igor Zubov, a deputy interior minister, handed the male German shepherd puppy named Dobrynya to French ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert at a ceremony in  Moscow attended by Russian and French soldiers.

‘Dobrynya, who must remain in quarantine for up to three months before leaving for his new home (this means that by now, April 2016, he should have been in France for a month or so and be settling in nicely – CM) was named after a medieval knight who was the incarnation of “strength, valour and justice”, Mr Zubov said…

Let us pray that little Dobrynya may grow up to be a worthy doggie bearer of the name of a legendary human warrior. – CM

“In Russia, dogs who serve police are loved not only by the police but also by ordinary citizens”, he said, adding that the gift was seen as “a symbol of the unity of our peoples in the implacable fight against terrorism”.

Roll on the day when a speech like that will not say, vaguely and generally, ‘terrorism’ but will speak plainly of the pan-Infidel resistance to and self-defence against the Global Jihad. – CM

‘Mr Ripert called the seven-month-old puppy an “extraordinary gift”.


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