Revealed: How customer in kosher deli was executed when he grabbed one of terrorist’s guns and it JAMMED


From the Daily Mail

A heroic customer at the kosher supermarket in Paris snatched one of the terrorist’s guns and turned it on the hostage taker – only to find it was jammed, leaving the extremist to execute him in cold blood. I think the correct word is murder. 

The dramatic account was revealed by a survivor who fled the shoot-out as armed police officers and soldiers raided the store yesterday. Mickael B, as he wishes to be known, was held in the store with his three-year-old son when the fellow hostage suddenly grabbed the weapon which had been left on the counter and tried to fire it at terrorist Amedy Coulibaly. But, after discovering the gun had been left there because it was malfunctioning, the extremist shot and killed the brave hostage.

Giving a terrifying account, Mickael said: ‘I was heading for the check-out with the goods in my hand when I heard a bang – very loud. I thought it was a firecracker at first. But turning I saw a black man armed with two Kalashnikov rifles and I knew what was happening. I grabbed my son by the collar and fled to the back of the store. There, with other customers, we ran down a spiral staircase into the basement. We all piled into one of two cold rooms – our door wouldn’t close. We were terrified.

‘Five minutes later a store employee was sent down by the killer. She said he said we were to go back up otherwise there’d be carnage. I refused to go up. By now my son, understanding nothing, was panicking. Then minutes later the employee comes back down with the same message. This time I decided to follow her up the spiral staircase. At the top a man was dying in a pool of his own blood. The terrorist introduced himself to us. He was strangely calm.

“I am Amedi Coulibaly, Malian and Muslim. I belong to the Islamic State,” he told us.’

‘Then he told us to put our phones on the ground. He walked around the store, armed, totally justifying himself, speaking of Palestine, French prisons, his brothers in Syria and many other things. Suddenly one of the customers tried to grab one of his guns which he’d left on the counter. It wasn’t working. The terrorist had put it there because it had blocked after the first shots,’ Mickael told Le Point.

‘He turned and shot at the customer who died on the spot.’

Mickael added: ‘He then demanded that I call the media, which I did. From then on the phone in the store never stopped ringing. It was mainly journalists. I told them now was not the time. My son started to cry he wanted to go home. He said the terrorist was a bad man. I managed to get my phone out discreetly and got in touch with the police outside while the terrorist was roaming the aisles. A policeman told me that we should be ready to throw ourselves flat on the ground when the assault came, which would be soon.

‘It was obvious that the terrorist was preparing to die. He said it was his reward. He had a weapon in each hand and boxes of cartridges nearby. He suddenly began to pray.

‘My mobile was still on. The police had heard it all. Minutes later the shop grille was lifted. We knew it was the start of the assault. We flung ourselves to the ground. The noise was deafening. He was dead. It was over.’ 

Meanwhile dramatic footage has emerged of the moment police stormed in to the Paris kosher supermarket last night before terrorist Amedy Coulibaly was shot dead. Commandos launched flash grenades into the grocery and fired into the shop before a man believed to be the hostage taker was gunned down. Moments later, terrified captives could be seen running to safety.

It comes as it was revealed that the Isis fanatic had slaughtered four hostages before officers launched the raid.

Last night, chilling images emerged of bodies lying on the floor of the bullet-ridden shop after several shoppers were taken hostage inside the grocery store – including women and children. Further images emerged of Coulibaly’s bloodied body lying on a pavement after the siege had come to a dramatic end.

It has also been revealed there were 500 calls made between the phone belonging to Coulibaly’s wife Hayat Boumeddiene – who is now on the run from police following the hostage siege – and a phone belonging to one of the wives of the Kouachi brothers. It is unclear at this stage exactly who made the calls, but police are now interrogating the wives of the Kouachi brothers in a bid to track down armed and dangerous Boumeddiene. 

Coulibaly was also responsible for the fatal shooting of a policewoman on Thursday. It has now been suggested this attack may have been an aborted attempt to attack a Jewish school.

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