Rotherham abuse trial: Dad had fight with Arshid Hussain over contact with 14-year-old daughter

From the Sheffield Telegraph

A father of a 14-year-old girl had a fight with the central defendant in the Rotherham child abuse trial after confronting him about his relationship with his daughter.

The man told Sheffield Crown Court he had gone to the family home of defendant Arshid Hussain to confront him. He told a jury that Hussain’s family initially claimed he was not home before the defendant rushed out of the house and attacked him.

He said problems had first started when his daughter was 14 and didn’t return home in time for her normal curfew. The man said he went out with police to find her and she eventually discovered by other officers with Arshid Hussain.

He said he started going to work late to drop her off at school – not realising she would ‘go straight through school’ to another location where Hussain would be waiting to pick her up.

Asked why he wanted to meet Hussain, the man said: “He were a 27-year-old married man seeing a 14-year-old lass. I just wanted to see him in a car park and he wouldn’t come.” He said they later had a face-to-face confrontation after he decided to go the home of Hussain in Masbrough. “When I got there, his father, his brothers, quite a few others were all there waiting,” he said.

“Ash came charging out the house and we ended up fighting on the front garden.” The man said his lip was split, his shirt ripped and he lost a gold chain in the confrontation before others stepped in to stop the fight. He said Hussain used to climb into his daughter’s room by getting on to the roof of their house.

Evidence was also given to the court by the alleged victim’s sister, who said Hussain had ‘ripped apart’ their family.

She said on one occasion she spoke on the phone to Hussain’s brother Basharat about her sister going missing.

“I said if she weren’t home in the next hour I was ringing the police and reporting Ash for kidnapping and rape. He said I was a little white slag. I said if she is not home in 10 minutes he is going to be done for rape. She was home in 10 minutes.” The woman said Hussain controlled her sister’s actions at the time. “It were like a spell. I have never seen anything like it before.”

The woman said threats were made towards her and her mother via her sister. “They had told her we would get tortured, kidnapped and raped or burn down the house,”