Rotherham sex abuse trial: Accused brothers ‘owned Rotherham’

From the BBC – the latest rape gang trial  – Rotherham again.

Two brothers accused of the sexual abuse of teenage girls “owned Rotherham”, a court has heard. 
Arshid and Basharat Hussain are on trial at Sheffield Crown Court along with five other people.

Five men and two women face more than 60 charges, including rape, sexual assault and false imprisonment, which are alleged to have taken place in the town over a 10-year period.The seven defendants deny all the charges.

Opening the case for the prosecution, Michelle Colborne QC told the jury: “It is alleged that in differing ways they facilitated the sexual abuse of teenage girls. You will hear evidence from 12 women who were targeted, sexualised and in some instances subjected to acts of a degrading and violent nature.” 

Ms Colborne said one alleged victim was abused by both Arshid and Basharat Hussain from the age of 14, adding that she also handled guns and drugs for the brothers and was made to work as a prostitute. The alleged victim described the brothers as “owning Rotherham” and said she felt compelled to do what they told her. 

Sheffield Crown Court has heard that a mother who tried to intervene when she found out her daughter was associating with a group of older Asian men in Rotherham was told her house would be firebombed. 

“He saw that she wore school uniform and knew how old she was. She saw (her daughter) with either Ash and Bash on the street outside their house one day and tried to get (her daughter) to come with her. Later, she received a phone call. An Asian male voice spoke to her and said ‘I’m going to firebomb your house tonight’.”

MIchelle Colbourne QC

She recalls waking up in a room naked, not knowing how she had gotten there and noting that there were used condoms in the room. They would strike her arms, legs, back and stomach but would avoid her face. Bono (a brother of Arshid and Basharat Hussain) would take his time and would methodically strike her with a pool cue but Ash (Arshid Hussain,) would use his fists.”

Michelle Colborne QC

One of the alleged victims claims she that she saw someone she believed was “an MP or councillor” at a house run like a brothel.

Arshid Hussain, 40, High Street, East Cowick, Goole, faces 30 charges, including five counts of rape.

Qurban Ali, 53, Clough Road, Rotherham, faces four charges, including rape and conspiracy to rape.

Majid Bostan, 37, Ledsham Road, Rotherham faces one charge of indecent assault.

Sajid Bostan, 38, Broom Avenue, Rotherham faces seven charges, including four counts of rape,.

Basharat Hussain, 39, of no fixed abode, faces 16 charges including two counts of rape.

Karen MacGregor, 58, Barnsley Road, Wath, South Yorkshire, faces three charges, including conspiracy to rape.

Shelley Davies, 40, Wainwright Road, Kimberworth Park, Rotherham, faces three charges, including conspiracy to rape.