Rotten Christmas Pudding


by Nidra Poller

UNSC Resolution 2334 stinks to high heaven but don’t count on me to belabor the obvious: the stab-in-the- back American abstention is confirmation of Obama’s real intentions, and the dastardly resolution won’t help the peace process. Pouah! Old news worn to the bone. 2334 is tailored more like an international suicide belt than a whip to beat the Jews.

Let’s look at how the UNSC vote was reported on France’s all-news channel BFM TV. A typical newscast begins with replays of the smashed Berlin Christmas market alternating with scenes in the backward Tunisian town of Oueslatia from which the truck jihadi Anis Amri set out to conquer Europe. Then comes a festive sequence featuring luscious Christmas delicacies displayed  in our French markets and footage of shoppers rushing to grab up the last gifts…followed by frightening/reassuring shots of hefty policemen and soldiers guarding our churches. Our churches are targeted, frère, not our synagogues. The newscast closes with the evacuation of miserable refugees and rebels from the snowswept ruins of Aleppo. Underneath all this pertinent news, the scroll mentions in passing a UNSC Resolution “calling on Israel to halt its colonization.”

Stunning juxtaposition: Jihad truck attack, jittery Christmas markets, security details on the threshold of midnight mass, the festering boil of Syria…and the UN sets its sights on…Israel! In the good old days a slap in the face from international opinion would have stimulated an endless stream of insults and accusations against Israel. The Palestinian plight has lost its drawing power: from 23 December to Christmas Day, the perfidious resolution never made it from the scroll to the screen. The Berlin massacre remained front and center.

Apparently it took German police 24 hours to find Amri’s ID stashed in the mastodon killer vehicle. Naïve commentators wondered why these absent-minded guys-e.g. the Kouachi brothers that gunned down the Charlie Hebdo staff two years ago-leave their ID at the scene of the crime. They are still too far from understanding the allahu akhbar resonance of these prideful signatures. Meanwhile Amri was chilling out in Berlin’s “Daesh” mosque across the street from a police station. In the same meanwhile, New Zealand was chumming up with Malaysia, Venezuela, and Senegal, to stick the finger to the whole wide western world in a thinly disguised resolution that delivers you up, chumps, to all the Amris stalking your streets and public squares. You’re in the firing line, boys, and you don’t know what to do about it.

François Hollande’s UN diplomat was supporting the rotten Christmas pudding resolution when the aforementioned Amri slipped out of Germany-so riddled with shoah guilt they couldn’t even close their borders after the Berlin attack-and into France. He passed through Lyon and Chamberry on his way to Torino, Milano, and wherever his heart desired if it hadn’t been for two alert caribinieri who aimed straight from the heart of our endangered liberty.

Where are the smarties that mocked Nicolas Sarkozy for “rubber stamping” George W. Bush, and snapped at the heels of “Bush’s poodle” Tony Blair? They’re ok with pudgy François Hollande yessirring BHO, the same BHO that chickened out on him when Syria’s Assad stepped across the disappearing red line. If you asked the phenomenally unpopular Hollande why France voted for UNSC 2334, he’d probably tell you it’s in the interest of peace. Hmph! Here at home our towns and regions are under constant threat of “two-state” solutions and Paris is in greater danger of division than Jerusalem. France is too busy whoring around at the UN to see the irony. Whatever you say, boys, we won’t make waves. Just put peace in the pudding and we’ll swallow it.

It took Tunisian authorities precious months to admit Anis Amri was a citizen, and accept his deportation. Too late. He had already killed and maimed victims that are hardly mentioned in the media, as if their concrete existence would upstage the mass of refugees whose needs must not be ignored. The outgoing French president never found a way to use existing legislation to deport thousands of dual-citizen jihadis that do not deserve our hospitality. Tunisians don’t want us to send back their rejects. Ordinary citizens are in the streets clamoring “No Jihadis Here.”

LCI TV filled empty time on the run up to Christmas Eve with reruns of Yves Calvi’s “24 heures en question.” I caught the one on Christians in the Middle East or, more exactly, their hastening absence. Thanks to my friend Bat Ye’or I know the ins and outs of this story from the first chapter to the last minute. Even so, the statistics shock me. Christian populations reduced from millions to hundreds of thousands, with no hope of sustaining those remnants. Yet no one on Calvi’s panel of experts seems to have heard of orthodox Islamic hatred of Christians. They fumbled around, looking for explanations of this puzzling hostility fulminating in the very birthplace of Christianity. Backlash from the Crusades, posits one; reaction to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, assures another. A third genius is concerned that the looming absence of diversity in the Middle East could jeopardize the harmonious diversity here in Europe. Meanwhile, Europeans were sharpening their knives for the killer UNSC vote.

And they (still) think that if they stab the Jews in the back, the jihadis will spare their butts. Juxtaposition proves the contrary. Twelve people mowed down in the Christmas market in Berlin, hundreds slaughtered in France, flames raging in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, licking at the hem of the Maghreb and breathing down the necks of Europe, hundreds of thousands slaughtered in Syria while the US leads from behind, and the foot soldiers of humanitarian jihad pour through our open doors by the millions. Russia, allied with Iran and Hizbullah, makes the decisions, wields the vetoes, bombs kindergartens and hospitals, traces new frontiers.

So that’s why western diplomats convened in the halls of the United Nations voted in favor of shari’a law.

Yes, shari’a. That’s the “international” law they endorsed on December 23rd. What kind of peace interlined that resolution? The peace of submission. A billion-strong Christian population can’t protect its own against the jihad onslaught in the Middle East or here on their own ground. So why should Israel stand strong? Just because its citizens are brave, resourceful, inventive and wise? Just because the outstretched hand does not falter or fail? The Arab-Muslim armies tried their best, the misnamed Palestinians employed every form of explosive, knife-sharp, bludgeoning, ramming hatred, but Israel flourishes and prospers. Israel stands strong.

In desperation, the United Nations, willing handmaiden to the OIC, offered rotten Christmas pudding on a gold platter. Luring the West into this dead end, making them think they are slapping down the pesky little Jew-state, flattering them with oily promises, and fooling them into voting their own demise.

You think it’s about the “West Bank,” baby? It’s about the West! UNSC 2234 applies to you. It validates the world view of Anis Amri, motivates his exploitation of your suicidal asylum system, justifies his final gesture.    He requisitioned a truck, savagely murdered the driver, and used it as a weapon to kill and maim defenseless civilians. Because, in the logic of jihad, shoppers at the Berlin Christmas market are colonial usurpers illegally occupying a territory that belongs to allah. Residents of dar al Harb strolling around nonchalantly on the vast battlefield are fair game. And the UNSC acquiesces.

But Israel does not. And the Rotten Christmas Pudding will soon be tossed on the garbage dump.  

First published in Family Security Matters.

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