Runaway girls helped by Isis double agent


From the Times, ITV News and the Guardian Again I would call the girls ‘defectors’. Were they of age I would say traitors.

Turkish authorities arrested a man working for the US-led international anti-Isis coalition yesterday, alleging that he was a rogue spy who had helped three British girls to reach Syria. 

On Thursday, Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavu?o?lu told Turkey’s state broadcaster: “Do you know who was the person who helped these girls? This person was caught. It turned out to be someone who worked in the intelligence services of a country in the coalition.”

He said the agent was neither a national of an EU state nor the US, but did not give any further detail about how or where the alleged spy was captured.

Çavu?o?lu said he had informed his British counterpart, Philip Hammond, of the development. “He told me ‘just as usual’,” said Çavu?o?lu, without explaining further.

Some early reports linked the man to Canada but a government source in Ottawa said the person was not a Canadian citizen and was not employed by its intelligence services.

The Foreign Office has released a statement confirming that Turkish National Police have arrested a man alleged to have helped three British schoolgirls cross into Syria.

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