Russian police foil ISIS plot to bomb Moscow trains


From The Express

RUSSIAN police have foiled a plot by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists to bomb public transport in Moscow as Vladimir Putin continues his aerial bombardment of the jihadi group.

Armed police raided an apartment in the Russian capital on Sunday and discovered a home-made bomb packing a devastating 11 pounds of explosives, which Islamist fanatics were planning to detonate on crowded buses and trains. 

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSS) said that detectives have arrested 15 people in connection with the plot, some of whom were trained at ISIS camps in Syria.

Some of them have already confessed to the plot and admitted they planned to blow up public transport, according to local media reports. 

The bomb was said to be around the same size as the one used by ISIS fanatics who killed more than 100 people at a peace rally in Turkey last week

A spokesman for the FSS said: “There was a set address in Moscow where between six and 11 people periodically stayed, some of whom participated in Isis military training camps in Syria. They arrived back in Russia long before the start of Russia’s military operation [in Syria].” He added that during the interrogation of two detainees, it “quickly became apparent that they planned to carry out a terrorist attack on public transport in Moscow”

Security forces evacuated more than 120 residents from the apartment block on and cut the off gas supply to the building while bomb disposal teams defused the device. One official said the bomb was around the same size as the one used at a pro-Kurdish rally in Ankara on Saturday. However, they added that unlike the ISIS jihadis in Turkey – who were suicide bombers – these plotters intended to detonate their device using a mobile phone.



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