Said the Moat to the Speck

According to renowned teen feminist crusader and Nobel laureate, Malala Yusafzai, Trump‘s ideology is “full of hatred.” And then there was the shopworn canard that “The more you speak about Islam and against all Muslims, the more terrorists we create.” The latter being the guiding principle behind the Obama, Clinton, Kerry approach to political Islam. Better be careful in dealing with ISIS and Islamism in general otherwise we might antagonize 2 billion+ Muslims world wide. Then what would we do? Horror of horrors – 2 billion Muslims shouting “Death to America.”

Some 64% of the Koran is devoted to the kafir. Nearly all of the Sira (81%) deals with kafirs and the Hadith (Traditions) devotes 32% of the text to kafirs. The Sira devotes about 5 times as many words to politics than religion on a yearly basis. It gives politics 5 times the coverage because it is that much more important. All but about 2.6% of Koran (245 verses) excoriates Jews and Christians. Moreover, Christians and Jews receive the goodness of Islam only if they agree that their sacred texts are corrupt, the Koran is true, and that Mohammed is a prophet of the Christian and Jewish religion.

And then we have all seen the posters of Muslim rallies in Western countries spewing hatred toward the kafir and predicting the downfall of Christianity. And then there is the little matter of Khamenei leading rallies  in Iran shouting Death to America. And then …

It seems that Muslims are not overly concerned about antagonizing America. And with the Obama, Clinton, Kerry team at the helm, why should they be?

If Yousafzai wants to point fingers and chastise maybe she should point to her own. Could it be that Islam is creating its own backlash? A justifiable backlash? Need one start with 9/11, Fort hood … .

It is time for Christians to realize they only have two cheeks.