Saira Khan: I don’t get death threats; I’m a nice person. Tommy Robinson: if you talk against Islam, you’ll have death threats Luv. He wasn’t wrong


I didn’t put the reports of Saira Khan receiving death threats up at the time because frankly there were more important things going on, and I thought it was only of UK interest, and Z list celebrity gossip at that. Saira Khan is a failed Apprentice (Alan Sugar ran the UK version of the TV business reality show which Donald Trump ran in the US until his presidential campaign started), a TV presenter and a contestant in other reality shows. Although she was presented in some quarters as an acceptable face of the modern Muslim woman, I can’t call her a professional Muslim as she drifted away from that faith since her childhood. Last month she announced that she was no longer a Muslim. She then expressed surprise and dismay when she received what we know to be the inevitable death threats for apostasy. 

Saira Khan goes to police over death threats after revealing she’s no longer practising Muslim

Saira Khan has revealed she’s gone to the police after receiving death threats following her announcement that she’s no longer a practising Muslim. The former Loose Women panellist, 50, revealed the news in her Mirror column, saying she “pretended to be someone I’m not” to keep her family happy. And her admission sparked a huge backlash, she says she has received vile abuse from trolls, which she has now gone to the police over.

“Due to the abuse and threats I have received. I have reported this matter to the police as it is regarded as hate crime. I am utterly saddened that my decision to live my life how I choose should rest to other’s wanting to cause me harm. How does my life impact theirs? This cannot happen to other people. It is wrong.”  She finished the post with the hashtag #bekind.

She shouldn’t be surprised. In 2013 she (and others) engaged with Tommy Robinson in a Free Speech debate.  The whole video is here.  I don’t know how to embed this extract on twitter of the relevant exchange. But at 40 seconds it’s easier for you to see the remarks I’m refering to

Tommy is in the audience explaining to the compere about the many death threats he has received. 
Miss Khan shouts at him from the stage “Well stop being a racist and a bigot then” 
Camera turns to the stage. Khan shrugs her shoulders and pulls a face at him. She says, ” I haven’t got death threats. You know why?  Because I’m a nice person”. 
Tommy responds, “if you talk against Islam, you’ll have death threats Luv” 

She can’t say she wasn’t told. Neither of them deserve death threats. I hope (but doubt it) that her eyes have been opened now. 

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